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Mater Hospital Dublin automates COVID-19 test results

COVID-19 Challenge

Nurses are spending hours reporting results to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC).

At COVID-19 testing sites, test results must be logged in different systems to report to infection control, and the IPC (or regional equivalent). Admin work takes nurses up to 50% of their time, and this process is especially cumbersome. It was created in 2003 during the SARS outbreak and requires clinicians to log into the laboratory system (blood test system), extract disease codes, then VPN into a. NET data platform and manually enter results into that. In typical weeks, 1 nurse takes 2 hours a week to enter results in. However, in dealing with COVID-19, the test results must be reported daily—and not just in positive cases but on  every test, taking 3 hours per day.


UiPath Robots are now logging into the laboratory system, they select the appropriate disease code and input the test result. The information is processed in a fraction of the current time, saving the infection control department 3 hours per day, 18 hours per week.

With a robot for every nurse approach the infection control department, saves 3 hours per day, so the medical personnel can spend more time taking care of patients rather than filling in paperwork.