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Automating collation of Covid19 patient data for State Government

COVID-19 Challenge

As the testing was ramped up, so was the collation of patient data

State authorities have been carrying out vigorous Covid19 testing of patients throughout on a large scale. The ground staff and healthcare workers collect data of patients being tested as well as past test samples. This patient data goes directly into the National Authority portal. With the State Government planning to ramp up the Covide-19 testing, it became a humongous task of collating State’s data from the National Authority website and adding to the State Governments database. As the number of patient testing increased beyond 2000 per day, collating the daily patient data after downloading it as an excel sheet from the National Authority portal became a time-consuming manual task.

The State Authorities team wanted to have a quick process automation in place where the Covid-19 patient testing data would be downloaded from the National Authority portal and then collated on the State Govt. portal to the database almost real-time. The data collated in the State Govt.’s database would then help the State Govt. to take quick real-time decisions and change the course of action depending on the patient's test results.


The tested patients’ data could be downloaded from the National Authority website in the form of an excel sheet. The State Authority had created an online web form and an API to fill in the patient data, which included new patient data and old patient data to be updated. All the latest patient data needed to be collated multiple times in the day. The amount of patient data was proportional to the testing volume in the state.

Auxiliobits Technologies Pvt Ltd team quickly created this process automation through which the UiPath software robot downloads the patient data from the National Authority portal, then picks up the records of tested patients and sends those patient data records to the respective State Govt portal through an API. This helps State Authorities have updated data ready for actionable insights.