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Facilitating remote work with digital copies of documents

COVID-19 Challenge

Replacing physical documents with digital copies imposes extra tasks

The booking department at a large automotive company normally receives several hundreds of physical invoices via a physical internal mail system for payment. To facilitate remote work, the physical internal mail system was replaced with a scan solution.

The booking department now receives the invoices in form of digital documents. But, the process still requires the digital copies to be printed by the booking department, today. This extra step adds the equivalent of one full-time employee (FTE) of extra work in the process.


Within just one day, the automation center of excellence (CoE) created an automation to help with the process. The automation checks the mailbox in which the scanned invoices come in. Then it looks for an attachment and, if present, the attachment is printed.​

As a next step, the CoE is now assessing whether the downstream tasks can be automated as well, so the printing can be avoided altogether.