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Bots update Health Department quarantined citizens stats

COVID-19 Challenge

State Health Departments in India are tasked with collating data on thousands of quarantined citizens

The State Health Department must regularly update data on a COVID-19 Quarantined People National Health Portal. This includes any inbound traveler who arrived in the last two–three month period and any first-level contacts of a COVID-19 positive person.

Compiling the data is time consuming and requires a lot of manual effort considering the large number of people being quarantined in each state.


The State Health Department is examining UiPath RPA bots to distribute its data on quarantined people. The bots would pick up data from statewide response excel sheets and update the comprehensive records of quarantined people on a COVID-19 Quarantined People National Health Portal. Partners Rise Tech Software Pvt Ltd and Integra Micro Software Services (P) Ltd collaborated to deliver this impactful automation.

This automation would help the state relieve the overworked teams engaged to carry out this activity. And it would give The National Health Department better visibility on the number of quarantined people faster than before, so they could plan and react in a more agile way.