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COVID-19 health tracking and alerting automation  for State Government 

COVID-19 Challenge

Monitoring quarantined persons in the state district

The District Authority has been carrying out vigorous healthcare monitoring of quarantined persons in the district. The District Authorities make outbound calls to the quarantined people and follow their healthcare parameters. For the quarantined people who report COVID-19 symptoms, an immediate alert is raised to the concerned healthcare team. The respective healthcare team visits these people and carries out the necessary health check and takes next steps as part of the COVID-19 response. This comprehensive "COVID-19 warrior team" is making a tremendous effort to provide essential response.

The District Authorities team wanted to have a quick process automation in place where the alert for people reporting symptoms to the contact center team, could be raised to the concerned healthcare team in an automated manner at the earliest. This could help reduce the critical response time.


The District Authority created an online form, which was filled by the contact center team for every quarantined person. The healthcare parameters are collated in an online sheet. For people reporting any symptoms, instead of manually, Now the UiPath Software robot picks up the records of symptomatic people and sends the alert to the right healthcare team.

Auxiliobits Technologies Pvt Ltd team quickly created this  automation through which the UiPath software robot filters and picks up the records of the symptomatic people and sends those  records to the respective healthcare team and alerts them. This helps District Authority to respond swiftly and bring agility to the process.