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Processing a 10x increase in sanitizer orders

COVID-19 Challenge

High product demand is causing an influx of orders.

Due to COVID-19, a hygienic company has a 10x influx of orders of hand sanitizer. Their team in China usually processes the orders in SAP but cannot keep up with the spike in demand—especially now that some of the team isn't available to work due to quarantines. The team needs to process 16,000 orders a day—up from 1,500—from 85 different product SKUs. This currently takes 2-3 minutes per order. They have a 6-hour time-frame in which they need to process these orders, plus 1 hour to handle any exceptions.


The team recently added 20 unattended robots to handle the volume, and they might add more robots in the coming days to continue to meet a growing market need.