Industry: Public Sector

Processing SNAP applications as demand ramps up

COVID-19 Challenge

The increase in SNAP applications have caused processing delays affecting those in need of assistance

The weekly number of SNAP (food stamp) applications have nearly doubled from just a week before, by roughly 6,400 applications and continues to grow as the crisis deepens. There is a potential for delayed benefits to those hardest hit by this crisis, who need relief the most.

Current application processing times are 30-35 minutes. As demand continues to ramp up throughout this crisis, states face hefty fines for errors made during manual processing.


The automation now processes applications in 5.5 minutes (down from 30-35 minutes when done manually). The human error rates have dropped to zero. After ramping up for 3 weeks, this automation now handles up to 1,000 applications per day.


  • Reduce processing time
  • Reduce human error rates to zero
  • Prevent states from being penalized with hefty fines due to processing errors
  • Applicants receive timely benefits