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internet data usage alerts for RM Education Solutions India 

COVID-19 Challenge

Providing employees with a quick internet connection

After the COVID-19 breakout and the resulting lockdown, RM Education Solutions India (RM ESI)  has facilitated work from home for all its employees, starting March 25, 2020. There were ~300 employees who did not have a proper internet connection at home, so the company sourced 300+ internet dongles (small USB devices that allow you to access the internet) with a daily limit of 3GB data per person.

But, there were a few employees who were exhausting their daily limit before the close of day. They were then contacting the IT and admin help desk to increase their data limit, which was executed based on approvals. This was causing delays and was also impacting service delivery.


RM ESI implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2017 and uses many bots. With the help of the RPA team, they could use free time from existing robots to check the data usage of the 300+ employees who were using the dongles. It was manually impossible to log in to 300+ data accounts to check the data balance and proactively increase their data limits.

The bots started to execute this once every four hours to check data usage and report it to the IT and admin help desk. ​This helped save production time and cost (from 90,000 Indian rupees to 4,500 Indian rupees).