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Telehealth registration and self-diagnosis for  COVID-19

COVID-19 Challenge

The predicted volume of telehealth requests would be impossible to manually process

To contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, a healthcare company is encouraging patients to sign up for telehealth services and conduct self-diagnosis.

Currently, patient onboarding is being done by contact center employees manually, letting nurses focus on patient interactions. But, the company is expecting a significant increase in applications in the next few weeks, requiring this workload to be addressed in a more efficient way.


The healthcare company deployed an unattended robot to manage a webform that auto registers patients for their telehealth platform.

When a request is submitted, it is queued up in the Dispatcher. The Performer then logs in the data which is verified and once completed, the patient is onboarded for telehealth.

The case management process has been fully automated, saving three FTE worth of clinicians’ time each day.