Visionary Educator 2021

Meet the distinguished educators awarded in 2021 for going above and beyond to prepare their students for future of work. Learn from their initiatives and experience to create a positive impact on society.

April Morris

Cal State University Fullerton, United States

One of the initial university partners for the UiPath Academic Alliance, teaching to undergrad and graduate students in accounting and tax audit classes. They have already taught UiPath to several hundred students. Curriculum is tied to other leading technologies such as Microsoft Power Query/Power BI, Tableau, Alteryx, and Blockchain Technologies.

Ashutosh Kumar

JECRC University, India

Thanks to Ashutosh Kumar, more than 500 students have completed the full semester RPADD course at JECRC University. Ashutosh has also conceptualized and mentored students as part of Ideation and Hackathon, targeted at helping students build simple bots. Later, students took up assignments to build bots that solve department-level challenges—which generated more than 20 use cases. Ashutosh also intends to make every student a citizen developer at JECRC and look at helping local communities learn RPA/ automation skills. Ashutosh also intends to make every student a citizen developer at JECRC and look at helping local communities learn RPA/ automation skills.

Camelia Chisalita-Cretu

Babes Bolyai University, Romania

Prof. Chisalita-Cretu is the first educator in Europe to join the UiPath Academic Alliance. Her credit courses are a blend between lectures and hands-on work provided by companies who bring automation challenges to students and sponsor their RPA Bachelor Thesis, along with internships after semester end. She joined the first RPA EU-funded training program, teaching UiPath to other educators, students and public sector employees in Romania who want to develop entrepreneurial skills and have their automation startups funded.

Christian Langmann

Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Prof. Dr. Langmann, a common RPA guest speaker at business conferences and one of the latest UiPath MVPs, teaches RPA in higher education across Germany and Switzerland. Since he joined the program, he has trained more than 700 students in Bachelor’s, Masters, and MBA programs, as well as professionals from the area of accounting/finance. Over the past few years, he has been writing multiple quoted books and research articles on RPA in Controlling and Finance & Accounting, both in English and German.

Daniel O’Leary

University of Southern California & Maastricht University, United States

Teaches multiple cohorts of students in the U.S. and Europe and is passionate about RPA. He has built RPA into an "Accounting Data & Analytics" course at USC where the final projects incorporate multiple technologies—such as text mining and other machine learning. Also teaches a course for "International Executive Master of Finance & Control" at Maastricht University to experienced financial executives. Has additionally introduced RPA via several international conferences and publications.

John Munnely

Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland

John Munnelly, as the Exam & Syllabus Development Executive for the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland, constantly envisions how the accountancy profession is changing in the face of technological and societal progress. In 2019, John discovered UiPath and immediately saw the impact automation has in Finance & Accounting. He advocated for automation and made the Institute the first professional accountancy body in the world to begin formal training and official examination of students (over 1.500/ year) in RPA and equipping them for practical application to business. 

Kris Sujatmoko

Telkom University, Indonesia

Kris introduced RPA to 1000+ students at his university, prepared 50+ of them for certification and delivered educator readiness sessions for professors in the region, signing up 10+ new academic partners. His efforts in localising courses help local academies break language barriers and learn RPA. His RPA internship programs have seen high interest from students and helped many learn the foundational skills.

On personal front, he taught his daughter (a 12th grade student) to build software assistants using UiPath and together they are taking the technology to many more young Indonesians.

Kurt Callewaert

Howest University of Applied Sciences, Belgium

Kurt and his team of teaching assistants and researchers have secured funding from the Flemish Government. They are prototyping intelligent RPA use-cases for small and medium enterprises and local Government institutions across Belgium, while students get hands-on experience. Over the past 2 years he has trained more than 1100 people, Bachelor’s students and public sector employees alike. The 300 municipalities in Flanders, Belgium, which went to his training are now adopt RPA to improve their services to their citizens.

Mary Beth Whitman Goodrich

The University Of Texas At Dallas, United States

Taught nearly 300 students, mostly from Finance and Accounting. Some of her students worked to complete RPA consulting projects in conjunction with a CPA firm specializing in delivering Robotics-as-a-Service. Worked with both the SAP & PwC University Alliances to educate members on RPA instruction.

Tyler Krimmel

George Brown College, Canada

Taught RPA since 2019 and has built an entire program around RPA (as regular curriculum and as part of Continuing Education). The RPA program incorporates business analysis, process modeling, and hands-on exercises. Students have worked with non-profits during their projects, and many have achieved full-time employment due to RPA. George Brown students also won all of the top 3 prizes in a 26 university hackathon held across Canada.

Ugan Maistry

FIRTech, South Africa

Ugan runs a vocational school in South Africa, where the youth unemployment rate is 55.75%. His RPA students, whom often do not have any undergraduate education or experience in technology, get internships in RPA. An avid Public Policies advocate, Ugan has been pivotal and key educator involved in designing and building the world’s first RPA National Qualification Framework, recognized by the Ministry of Education, launched nation-wide in South Africa in 2021.

Yuefan Sun

Beijing Technology and Business University, China

Dr. Yuefan Sun has been instrumental in our efforts to grow the program in China. Her efforts to learn and localise the contents into a textbook have been commendable which is becoming a default reference book for other universities, as they look at adopting RPA. She is teaching RPA in both Postgraduate and Continous Learning programs for professionals. She led the first RPA skill-a-thon with great enthusiasm and helped build a lot of interest for RPA in her school and other top universities in the region.

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