The 3 components of UiPath Platform

Software robots that drive the user interface like humans

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UiPath Studio enables business users with no coding skills

to design robotic processes


UiPath Studio - Automate Any Process Faster 


The UiPath process designer tool helps you create process automation with a graphical Visio-like interface and drag-and-drop functionality. New features – such as a start screen that lets the user begin by using best practices templates – make it easier than ever for business users to create automation with their process knowledge, not code.

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UiPath Robots - A Robotic Workforce for Faster Automation

of More Front Office or Back Office Tasks





UiPath software robots perform fine detailed automation regardless of the data source


UiPath Robots are software robots programmed to execute processes modeled with UiPath Studio and controlled by UiPath Orchestrator.

They can either run unattended in a VM on a datacentre (back office robots) or share the same desktop with a human agent (front office robots). A robot is capable of executing any processes created with Studio, but can execute only one process at a time.

Robots are 100% accurate and reduce human error. They can refer the exceptions they find to a specialized human agent for processing.

UiPath Orchestrator enables the orchestration and management of thousands of robots from a single command center


Orchestrate Robotic Processes with UiPath


It is a browser-based server application that enables you to manage robots and processes. By using the server web console you can deploy, start, stop and schedule processes and monitor their execution by the robots. UiPath Orchestrator facilitates both human-robot collaboration and business exception handling by using centralised work queues.

In front office automation scenarios, the Orchestrator acts as a central repository for processes. It manages version control and aggregates robot logs. It also provides monitoring, reporting and security capabilities. From its browser-based dashboard, dozens – or hundreds – of software robots can be deployed and monitored.  

In back office automation scenarios, the Orchestrator is an industry standard platform capable of queuing large volumes of transactions. It orchestrates and deploys dozens - or hundreds - of software robots in a synchronized, scheduled fashion to complete the work with remarkable speed.   

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