RPA easily connects core insurance processes with the newer capabilities you need to reduce response times, decrease operations costs, and ultimately focus your employees on higher value work.


RKH Specialty Provides an Insurance Lens on RPA

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RPA — Revolutioning Customer Experience at Admiral

Adam Robinson, RPA Developer at Admiral Insurance shares his thoughts and passion for RPA in 5 minutes straight.

How RPA Helps Insurers Become More Efficient

RPA implementation reduces labour costs plus benefits are gained in increased productivity, higher output and improved quality.

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Streamline Insurance Claims Processes with RPA

Transform your claims processing so you can focus on your customer experience:

  • Learn about the benefits core insurance process leaders can achieve after automation.
  • Discover how one insurer benefited from automating their claims processes.
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RPA Means Better Processes and Improved Productivity for the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry was one of the first to witness widespread adoption of robotic process automation (RPA).

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