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Recognizing our customers and partners who have used the UiPath Business Automation Platform to successfully innovate

Meet the hi-tech innovators

Automated by UiPath is a customer and partner advocacy program that showcases independent software vendors who have used the UiPath Business Automation Platform to improve and streamline their products, ​services to customers, or internal operations.

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Case Study

OutSystems is Automated by UiPath

OutSystems sees intelligent automation as a strategic imperative—driving improvement across its fast-growing business. But automation isn’t just about improving internal performance. By operationalizing AI through automation, OutSystems aims to enhance its own platform and deliver even more value to customers.

The program celebrates customers and partners who...


Have utilized UiPath products to successfully innovate their automation journey


Are ready to drive product visibility and showcase their automation story


Want to unlock and leverage marketing opportunities with UiPath

Automated by UiPath benefits

Automated by UiPath will drive technical success stories that highlight independent software vendors (ISVs) who have successfully deployed UiPath to improve their products, services, or operations. These stories will be delivered through joint video interviews and written case studies, and providing a technical perspective on successful automation projects.

The program offers a way to tell automation-fueled stories of transformation, highlighting key platforms and architectures at a level of depth that appeals to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Meet a new audience

Introduce your company, products, and automation story to UiPath customers​

Reach global visibility

Be featured among 200+ other customers in our online Case Studies library​

Expanded promotion

Have your story promoted on the UiPath corporate social media channels

Enjoy the limelight

Have the opportunity to be featured at key UiPath flagship events

Are you Automated by UiPath?

If you have a great automation story to tell, make sure the world hears about it.