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Webinar Series: Transform Your Business with RPA
Deep dives on the only platform built for hyperautomation



The Industry’s First End-to-End Hyperautomation Platform

Rapid business transformation is built with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With hyperautomation, businesses gain velocity and scale. UiPath delivers the only RPA platform that's hyperautomation-ready right now. A true end-to-end platform that combines the core RPA capabilities of building, managing, and running robots with tools for process discovery, and analytics to report clear business impact—the entire 2020 Fast Track Support Release is key to scaling automation across the enterprise with speed and efficiency.

Watch an exclusive product webinar series to get an in-depth view of the UiPath end-to-end hyperautomation platform.

How to Use Task Mining and Process Mining to Build Resiliency into Your Business

It’s no doubt the global health crisis has been a huge catalyst and accelerator for companies’ digital transformation initiatives. What was once thought of as a costly and time-consuming effort, now needs to be quick, effective, and for the long-term. As we start to take stock of our new reality, it’s never been more apparent that companies need to invest in strengthening their core business processes.

An integrated task mining, process mining and RPA strategy is key to not only rebuilding business processes, but also ensuring they stay resistant to future shocks.

Start future-proofing your business with the powerful combination of Task Mining and Process Mining. Discover how the products use a holistic approach to improve operational efficiency and keep processes on track, and how you can use process mining to stay agile in highly competitive environments.


Testing 360: Discover UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite benefits those who create automations (Test teams and RPA teams) and those who depend on automations (Business teams and Transformation leaders). Join our own Gerd Weishaar and Rick Crosby as they introduce UiPath Test Suite. In this webinar, they discuss why we built Test Suite, how it helps to accelerate automation, and show what Test Suite can do with a 360-degree product tour.

Be it testing software applications or testing RPA workflows, The UiPath Test Suite aims to answer your needs for scalable enterprise-wide automation.


Fast and Accurate Document Processing with AI-enhanced Document Understanding

Every company in the world needs to process documents, and more and more of them are created every day. The best way to ensure fast and accurate processing of high volumes of different documents is to automate. As an innovative solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI), UiPath Document Understanding facilitates end-to-end automation of highly manual paperwork.

Learn how robots can read, extract, and interpret information from a wide range of documents—from simple forms to more complex documents like invoices or bills. You will see how robots can cope with handwriting, signatures, checkboxes, tables, and low-quality documents and how AI plays a pivotal role in how they help process documents with zero pre-training and minimum configuration.

Plus, learn more about our roadmap and Document Understanding capabilities which will be released later this year.


From Your Own Idea to Your Own Robot: StudioX – The Business User Tool for Automation Development

The best ideas can come from anywhere in a business. And this also holds true for automation ideas. So why not learn how to build your own automation for the day-to-day, tedious and repetitive tasks? Not a developer? No problem. Learn how StudioX can help you automate simple tasks for you and your colleagues, and get rid of dull, repetitive work.

In this webinar, we take you through the main concepts and show what you need to put your Excel, Word, and Outlook skills to good use in building your first automation. We’ll help you understand which tasks are perfect for automation, how to start your project, and get you from building to publishing and running an automation.


From Advanced Automation to Testing Automation: UiPath Studio and UiPath Studio Pro

Anyone can build a robot with UiPath Studio. Find out what’ is new in our flagship product: UiPath Studio now comes with brand-new tools to help you develop even more advanced automations, and a dedicated new feature set for the test developers out there. Watch our webinar as we go through the latest features added in the 2020 Fast Track Support Release and the plans for future releases of Studio.

UiPath Studio gives everyone the right automation canvas to build great software robots—and organizations the right governance tools to manage it all. We’ll show you how.