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Struggling to apply AI?
AI Fabric helps you orchestrate all moving pieces of AI: deploy, consume, manage, and improve machine learning models. Insert AI into your business processes with drag-and-drop ease. No data science background required!

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Use any ML models you choose—we’re open

Bring your own machine learning (ML) models. Or use pre-built ML models from UiPath, or from our partners.


Bring joy into deployment

Easily deploy ML models as AI skills so data scientists can quickly get their work into RPA developers’ hands and get back to model development.


Insert AI with drag-and-drop ease

Use the intuitive interface in UiPath Studio to insert AI skills into robots in a flash.


Monitor and manage models

Get end-to-end visibility on model use. Version control your models. Keep track of your models, data, and user actions.

Monitor and Manage Models-update

Improve constantly

We give you a feedback loop that lets humans handle exceptions, validate data, and route models for retraining.


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Same powerful engine, different ways to deploy

In our cloud

  • Deploy, manage and improve ML models on UiPath Automation Cloud
  • No infrastructure, no maintenance
  • Uptime guarantee for enterprise version
  • Full range of out-of-the-box ML models


  • Deploy, manage and improve ML models locally
  • You install, you manage
  • Fully integrated with on-premises Orchestrator
  • Full range of out-of-the-box ML models


AI Fabric Overview

  • Learn how to use ML models in RPA workflows
  • An RPA developer says he couldn’t think of other ways to learn AI and ML
  • One of the most popular Academy courses in the past two years

See how businesses are using AI Fabric


White paper

Bringing the power of AI and RPA together

In this UiPath whitepaper, you will get a guide on the challenges and benefits of implementing and scaling AI. You will also learn how quick and easy it is to deploy, consume, manage, and improve your machine learning models through a single platform, AI Fabric.

Download the white paper

Case Study

Heritage Bank uses AI Fabric to classify loan documents at scale

Read how Australia's largest mutual bank uses AI Fabric to improve its loan review process. The solution helped reduce backend work while improving customer and employee experience.

Read the case study

Case Study

Large healthcare company uses AI Fabric to predict high-risk pregnancy and streamline clinical outcomes

Learn how UiPath and healthcare consultant Amitech Solutions have teamed up to use AI Fabric and Document Understanding to help a large healthcare payer improve outcomes, help its patients, and save time and money.

Read the case study

Watch AI Fabric demo videos

Look what happens when you combine RPA with AI

Loan Default

This video shows how to use UiPath starter model TPOT AutoML Classification to predict loan default. It also shows how to upload new data through Studio for model retraining.

Resume Matching

See how to use AI Fabric and UiPath starter model English Text Classification to classify resumes into different functions, and how to automatically generate emails with matching job links based on the model predictions.

Inventory Management

See how to use AI Fabric and a custom Inventory Management model to predict sales, and the optimal inventory for each product to maximize sales revenue. This video also shows human validation and model retraining, using Upload File activity.

Invoice Processing

This video shows how to add a custom field, create a new dataset, and retrain an invoice model, using Data Manager.

Receipt Processing

See how to use AI Fabric and Document Understanding to label data, add custom fields, and use the newly labeled data to retrain a receipt model.

Utility Bills

See how to deploy Document Understanding model Utility Bills to AI Fabric, use the model to digitize and extract information from utility bills, and enter the information to SAP.


When robots carry machine learning into your operations, everyone wins

Data scientists

  • Put ML models in the hands of more people, faster
  • Get end-to-end visibility into model use and updates
  • Retrain models with new data
  • Update model versions with a few clicks

CoE RPA developers

  • Automate cognitive processes
  • Jump-start first AI use case with UiPath starter models
  • Train, deploy, and continuously improve ML models

Business users 

  • Improve ML models with domain expertise
  • Handle exceptions, validate model predictions
  • Make decisions based on predictions


Manage and Scale AI to Achieve Faster ROI

Get the recording of the one-hour session on achieving accelerated benefits by adding AI to RPA use cases.

  • Expand your scope to automate more advanced processes
  • Leverage AI to inform business decisions and improve customer experiences
  • See how other organizations incorporate AI into their businesses

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