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RPA + AI: AI Fabric In Action

Build and deploy machine learning (ML) models and other AI skills within the UiPath platform as easily as you build and deploy your robots

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RPA Robots are learning AI skills. Drag and drop AI skills right into your RPA workflows via UiPath Studio, then deploy and manage AI skills with UiPath Orchestrator. 

Drag and drop AI Skills into
your everyday workflows

AI Fabric will connect seamlessly with UiPath Studio and Orchestrator to create a unified RPA and AI experience, delivering end-to-end AI/ML skill deployment and management within the UiPath Platform.

AI skills

Deploy and manage AI Skills

Make AI endpoints easily accessible to your RPA workflows so that you can scale ML models and other AI Skills to thousands of Robots with the click of a button.

Version control

Version control and update AI Skills

Provide end-to-end visibility across your teams on how AI Skills are being used and when they undergo changes or updates.

improve AI skills continuously

Continuous improvement of AI Skills

Closing the data feedback loop will enable AI Skills to learn and improve

Create new AI skills

Leverage Custom AI Skills

Build and implement workflows with your own custom AI models specifically suited to the unique needs of your business.

AI Fabric use cases

Inventory Management

Email Classification

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