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Struggling to apply AI?
AI Fabric helps you orchestrate all moving pieces of AI: deploy, consume, manage, and improve machine learning models. Let AI Fabric do the heavy lifting so you can reap the benefits from new cognitive workflows while focusing on your business. Play Video Button

Use any ML models you choose—we’re open

Bring your own machine learning (ML) models to our open platform. Or use pre-built models from UiPath, or from one of our partners.


Bring joy into deployment

We provide easy ways to upload machine learning packages and deploy AI Skills, so data scientists can quickly get their work into RPA developers’ hands and get back to model development.


Insert AI with drag-and-drop ease

Use the intuitive interface in UiPath Studio to insert AI Skills into robots in a flash.


Monitor and manage models

Get end-to-end, every-level visibility over the who, where, and how of model use. Know when models are updated and keep control over versioning.


Improve constantly

We give you a feedback loop that lets humans handle exceptions, validate data, and route models for retraining.


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AI-Enhanced Automations—Combining Transformative Capabilities

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When robots carry machine learning into your operations, everyone wins

Data Scientists

  • Deploy ML models easily
  • Get end-to-end visibility into model use and updates
  • Improve via a feedback loop

RPA Developers

  • Automate cognitive workflows with ease
  • Solve critical, high-ROI use cases with smarter robots

Business Users and Executives

  • Bring AI into daily decision-making
  • Accelerate progress on AI + RPA
  • Ensure governance and compliance

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Loan Approval

Heritage Bank uses AI Fabric to make a process that was 40-50% automated now 90%

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