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AI-the new black? The final frontier of productivity




Gratiela Dumitrica June 27 2017

AI-the new black? The final frontier of productivity

Artificial Intelligence is not a science fiction concept anymore, but a new tool to use in developing the digital labor of tomorrow. Combined with RPA, AI has the potential to change the way companies approach business processes and knowledge work in general. Everything related to AI is now surfing the hype cycle and business interest is increasing. This month UiPath won the title for "Best use of AI in Enterprise" at CognitionX's AI Innovation Awards 2017. 


This paper follows UiPath's Chief Robotics Officer, Boris Krumrey’s recent presentation at the 8th NASSCOM GIC Conclave 2017. It delves into the ways RPA and AI can best achieve a powerful digital labor, detailing on implementation and operating challenges.





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