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Eyes on Automation




Bogdan Florea July 27 2016

Eyes on Automation

Guy Kirkwood delves into the depths of Robotic Process Automation industry, equipped to bring to surface first hand insights on what’s happening in the market. He looks at what characterizes RPA’s success, as well as what makes an RPA company excel at the front, and how the outsourcing and shared services organizations are adapting to the disruption.  

He then goes on and strips the technology to its essentials, tying to it the business qualities that should decorate the coat of arms of every robotic software product: the ability to automate more processes and to automate them more efficiently. He brings some real use case examples to back that up.

Further, since RPA is evolving at an accelerating pace, Guy outlines the three big drivers of growth. First he identifies the mature shared services already implementing RPA after having bought their software licences from RPA vendors, now building centres of excellence and developing their own RPA competencies. The second pillar, Guy says, represents organizations wanting to automate but lacking the in-house capability. This category dominates the market. And third there are the BPO providers who are now starting to develop automation as a service offerings and coming to market with them.

Last but not least, Guy doesn’t forget to talk about digitalization and AI, with one already nicely fitting in the automation picture, delivering structured data support, while the other still a matter of the future - although a fast approaching one.




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