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RPA and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR): Smart Data Capture




Mina Deckard July 30, 2018

RPA and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR): Smart Data Capture

Intelligent character recognition, or ICR, is a derivative of the classic optical character recognition (OCR) and it's one of the latest most exciting acronyms that you'll want to learn. Intelligent OCR equips robotic process automation (RPA) with the capability to automate the more difficult cases where unstructured and semi-structured content is involved. 


Invoices, for example (although it can be any non-standard document or form) all contain more or less the same type of information but can be formatted in varying ways. And some companies process millions of them. 


Think of it as RPA’s sidekick. It helps solve the critical problem of digitization, which is the sine qua non of the end-to-end automation of many business processes, whether it's customer onboarding, account opening, claims handling, supply chain management, human resources (HR) records processing, or education system applications. All processes where inputs are received in multiple varied formats such as PDF, scanned, fax, email, and handwritten documents will need the golden touch of intelligent OCR.


Read this white paper developed by PwC to learn about intelligent data capture in today's automation and digital transformation space in your industry, and deep dive into the latest UiPath OCR capabilities with a comparative analysis of the UiPath 2017 and UiPath 2018 platform editions.



Would you like to learn more about the UiPath intelligent data capture capabilities? Watch our webinar with ABBYY


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