UiPath Studio

Introducing the general for your army of Robots
Instruct, lead, and get them ready for any maneuver with one essential tool for thousands of business operations. What sets it apart from all the other automation design tools out there? Versatility. Add UiPath’s signature speed and capability, and you’re always on the winning side.

Key advantages

Automate more

Studio Designer performs better than the competition due to its superior computer vision, unmatched Citrix capability for high precision automation and extended integration. UiPath robots are precise regardless of the data source: legacy systems, cloud or web-based applications. Fully compatible with SAP, Citrix and Java apps, they can read/write any kind of document—including emails and attachments.

Automate faster

Drag and drop, point and click and leverage Microsoft Workflow Foundation technology. Visually model tasks, the easy way. No scripting and coding. The visual debugger highlights any errors and a library of hundreds of activities is provided for an even faster processing.

Automate smarter

No more manual, error-prone diagramming of each process step and user action. Specialized recorders turn any user’s activity into a process. Complete for Desktop Apps, Web Apps, Citrix and Terminal Emulators.

Best Citrix automation

UiPath performs 8x-10x faster than the competition. Unrivaled computer vision perceives the screen like a human does. The image recognition engine finds and matches Citrix images in under 100 millisecond. Multiple image recognition engines available from Mirosoft, Google and ABBYY.

Collaborate & automate

More people can contribute to the same workflow, combining their efforts. Extract and share reusable components between teams and projects. Studio Designer is integrated with Team Foundation Server—the industry standard for work collaboration, and SVN.

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