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Intelligent Macro Recorder 

Record the mouse and keyboard as human readable actions.



Accurate Automation Replay

Irrespective of position, resolution, or font size.



No Programming Required

The world's most advanced visual task builder.



Next Generation Automation Software

Create software robots that mimic human interaction with apps.



Works Everywhere

Works with Legacy, Java, .NET, Web, and Citrix.



Easy Deployment

You build just once then can run the automation on any computer.


How it works?

With UiPath, you can create windows automation software that manipulates applications, just like a human uses a computer.

You can create an automation robot as easy as you train a human user, by simply indicating on the screen the steps of the automation and assembling them into a visual flowchart diagram. Anyone can understand automation, as easily as they can a flowchart.

macro recorder lets you get started with an automation skeleton. Your mouse and keyboard actions are observed during recording and translated into logical steps that make up the automation. You can edit recorded steps or insert others later on by using the world's most advanced visual flowchart designer.



How Accurate Is It?

The key to an accurate automation is to understand the presentation layer elements like a human. You want to click on the ‘Submit’ button, not at the screen position where this button happened to be when you created the automation. This is crucial as elements can change position between creation and playback of the automated process.

UiPath recognizes interface elements by their properties and then automatically accounts for any slight changes of interface elements, such as size, position, color, and label.

Are there limits to what I can automate?

You are not limited by the visual nature of UiPath's automation, as you have come to expect from other tools. There are built-in visual constructs that do not require programming, including branching process flow, iterating a collection, and even running few tasks in parallel. Basically, it works everywhere a human user performs a repetitive rule-based task by using application software.

How reliable is it?

UiPath is built on the heritage of the battle tested GUI Automation library. Used by hundreds of software companies and deployed on tens of million computers, you can rest assured that your automation will perform a million times without any errors.

Common Automation Examples

  • Keying or screen scraping data on screen
  • Repurposing content
  • Starting or closing a case
  • Comparing data fields on screen
  • Identifying an exception to a process and flagging it for review
  • Making a decision based on a business rule
  • Updating the status field in a system
  • Content migration
  • Data Mining

Automation Capabilities

  • Business process automation
  • Web data extraction
  • Screen scraping
  • GUI automation
  • Web automation
  • Application integration
  • IT automation
  • Excel automation
  • Mail automation


UiPath – RPA Designed for the Needs of Global Enterprises and BPOs


UiPath RPA is an enterprise computing platform dedicated to automating business processes. It provides process modelling, change management, deployment management, access control, remote execution and scheduling, execution monitoring, auditing, and analytics in full compliance with the enterprise security and governance best practices. 


UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio is the highly visual productivity environment where business users can model end-to-end business processes into a process diagram with simple drag-and-drop functionality.


Advanced error checking and history visibility ensure flawless execution and detailed project monitoring.

UiPath Orchestrator

UiPath Orchestrator is a scalable RPA server, fully integrated and equipped with centralized instrumentality for enterprise class management, security, compliance, support, and auditability.


Our Orchestrator records everything the robots do through log files and transforms them into advanced analytics.


UiPath Front Office Robots

UiPath Front Office Robot is the agent-assisted robot that shares the same workstation with human employees and assists them to automatically execute business activities.

UiPath Back Office Robots

UiPath Back Office Robot is the autonomous software robot programmed to run unattended, independent from human interaction.

With UiPath You Are in Good Company

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