Join UiPath and Microsoft at the Web Automation Summit

Join UiPath and Microsoft at Web Automation Summit 2023 virtual event

How many browser tabs do you have open right now? If you’re like me, the answer is “too many!”

And while one of those tabs might be an artificial intelligence (AI) tool dominating the news like ChatGPT, I’m willing to wager your other tabs are where you’re actually getting work done today. Not to mention the requisite tab with your social media platform of choice: LinkedIn, for me (feel free to connect) 😊.

Speaking of LinkedIn, their parent company, Microsoft, is joining us for the UiPath Web Automation Summit on June 29, 2023!

Why should you attend the Web Automation Summit?

Have you ever reflected on how much of your work life has moved to browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari? This transition is amazing considering just a few years ago most of us used desktop versions of SAP, Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, etc. to get work done.

You’re in Salesforce as you document a sales call. Perhaps you’re a nurse adding patient notes in EPIC’s MyChart. Or maybe you’re a manufacturer crosschecking your supplier’s latest prices on Amazon.

Then there are actual automation tools which are increasingly available on the web. UiPath Automation Cloud™ houses dozens of ways to be more productive online. From submitting automation ideas to your center of excellence (CoE) via Automation Hub, to building out automation workflows connecting websites with Studio Web, to building web-based, user-friendly interfaces for automations with UiPath Apps.

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to the Web Automation Summit on June 29. Featuring Microsoft, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Arkansas), Amitech, Zelis, and more, this is your one-stop shop for uncovering how your peers automate the web.

Who should attend the Web Automation Summit?

There are three types of people who should make the Web Automation Summit one of their browser tabs on June 29.

  1. AI aficionados—you see practical AI in action for the web. While siloed large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT hold tremendous potential, when it comes to how work is done today many of us are trapped in an endless cycle of traversing from tab to tab. The good news is that you don’t have to be. We’ll show you how to leverage web automation today and embed generative AI into your workflows. I’m particularly excited about a session showing you how to build a modern customer onboarding experience with UiPath Studio Web, Salesforce, ServiceNow, OpenAI, and Slack.

  2. Anyone frustrated with navigating multiple systems. Learn from practitioners automating the web today. The Summit features experts’ views into how industries like healthcare and manufacturing automate on top of the web. Our own internal CoE will even share a time-saving automation that aggregates approvals across four websites: Coupa, Concur, Salesforce, and Workday.

  3. Those interested in exploring the latest web-based products. Go “beyond RPA” with the latest updates to Automation Cloud. While our desktop Studio is still the platform of choice for many automation developers, increasingly we see developers scaling AI-powered solutions via UiPath Studio Web and Apps. We’ll even show you how to make old websites new again and reduce manual errors by adding custom rules to the sites and forms you use every day.

Mark your calendar

Bookmark your spot at the Web Automation Summit, and join the Fortune 500’s most productivity-obsessed companies on June 29.

Bookmark my spot.

joe edwards uipath
Joe Edwards

Director Evangelism, Generative AI Experiences, UiPath

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