The “Automation First” Era in Enterprise Technology is here to stay


UPDATE: This post was originally published October 2018. For an updated look at the 'automation first' era check out How Savvy Organizations Are Using RPA to Thrive in the Automation First Era.

More than just an exchange of ideas, the two-day UiPath Forward Miami event was a team exploration into the present and future of automation. And by the team, I mean customers, partners, leading industry thinkers, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) creators, and more. We’re embracing the ever-increasing drive to automate work with a new philosophy and some ground-breaking initiatives.

The philosophy we’re calling 'automation first' encapsulates our understanding of both where we exist historically as well as our business action plan.  The automation first era is bringing customers and RPA users an open and free collaboration with new automation and artificial intelligence (AI) marketplace, $20 million in funds to encourage partner innovation projects and enhance the RPA product, an expanding educational network dedicated to training one million students in the next three years, and upcoming releases of the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform.

Read about all the major initiatives launched and ideas discussed in this Automation First Era Flipbook.

Learn about the 10 best practices for maturing your business' automation and discover the nine key roles your business needs to succeed at scaling automation in our automation first era white paper. Get your free copy:

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