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Industry Solutions

July 15, 2021

Using Automation to Drive ESG and Sustainability in Banking and Financial Services

Discover how banking and financial institutions can use automation to deliver on their ESG commitments, including green financing, investment research, ESG reporting and auditing.



April 19, 2017

RPA and Big Data: The Perfect Match?

A look at how RPA and Big Data can work in tandem across a range of industries. Automation is one of the avenues through which Big Data can become valuable.

Insurance Business Processes

Industry Solutions

December 17, 2015

Insurance Digitization: What is it? How does Robotic Process Automation Play a Role?

Robotic process automation plays a key role in insurance digitization, delivering structured data and supporting a digital strategy for the insurance industry.

Enterprise Automation edit


November 12, 2015

RPA: Paving Big Data’s Unstructured Last Mile

Robotic process automation completes Big Data's last mile by automating unstructured data.

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June 10, 2015

Does Robotic Process Automation Really Deliver Analytic Value?

In addition to the benefits of process automation, robotic process automation supports business analytics with data federation capabilities.

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November 26, 2014

RPA, Big Data, & the Internet of Things: More than Hype

Robotic process automation, Big Data, the Internet of Things - they're not just hype when harnessed together. Many companies are already seeing the benefits.

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October 22, 2014

Hidden Benefits of RPA: Key Analytics

Get more from your robots with a hidden benefit of RPA: Big Data and key analytics. UiPath's products offer comprehensive and understandable analytics.

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