24 September 2014

Learning Robotic Process Automation Through Video Tutorials

24 September 2014

Learning Robotic Process Automation Through Video Tutorials

Have you seen our video tutorial section? Responding to frequent requests from current and future customers, we've started to build out our section of videos and tutorials. There, you'll find a first set of videos that give you a sneak peek into Robotic Process Automation software and how it works.  These videos can be found under Resources (located in the top bar of this website as well as at the bottom of each page). This section also has written examples of automation illustrated by screenshots, as well as a Knowledge Base on more techical subjects within the software.

Start by exploring our video tutorial library. Currently available tutorials are listed below.

Getting Started

  • Basic Concepts. Intro to UI Automation
    UiPath Workflow Designer uses a visual way of setting up automation using flowcharts and diagrams. It allows you to create a Workflow that will help you model processes of your business operations. 
  • Variables. Passing Data Inside a Workflow
    Passing data can be easily done using variables. In our sample workflow, our message box has an input variable “message” which displays the data of the output variable of the Input Dialog, “name”.
  • Conditions. Branching A Workflow
    A Condition is one of the most helpful activity to use when you have more than one solution after an action. Conditional statements specify what behavior is desired if a particular condition is met. We use the "Flow Decision" in the Activities panel to achieve a condition.
  • The Basics of Desktop Automation
    UiPath’s recorder allows you to simulate the actions you have taken during the screen recording. In our sample workflow, the recording starts with specifying the location of the App.
  • Debug Workflow
    UiPath Studio comes with a debug component that helps find and locate problems easily in complex workflow automations. This is useful for viewing the execution of each activity to verify what data it gets and in checking if there are errors in producing outputs
  • UI Automation and Data Inputs
    Capture user inputs using keyboard entries. We'll also show how to branch activities using if activity inside a sequence, about the array data type and how to clear unused variables.
  • Reusing Automation. Invoke Workflow and Templates
    Putting workflows together to create a new workflow automation is a helpful strategy when you have a complicated UI automation. You can create specific workflows then combine them later to perform as one complete automation.
  • Web Automation. Import CSV to Salesforce
    Learn how to create web automations that will automatically upload contacts from a CSV file into your Salesforce account.

Introduction to Image Automation. Citrix and Virtual Desktops

  • Introduction. Click Relative to an Image
    Create an automation workflow that allows you to type text into an application and clicks a button. This application is running in a virtual desktop.
  • Retrieve Data Using Clipboard
    How to capture data from a Citrix machine in a spreadsheet format. The captured data later can be used to be passed on to another application. The automation will show you how to copy the contents by sending a click and keyboard commands to the Citrix App.
  • Retrieve Data Using OCR
    How to get data from a Citrix apps in an image format by creating a workflow that would convert images into text.
  • Click Relative to a Text
    Instead of using an image, we can scrape text as our reference point. This technique makes our Citrix automation much more reliable and flexible.

While there's plenty to learn about Robotic Process Automation software, we'll continue to make it easy to add to your knowledge.

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If you have suggestions for future video tutorials or ways in which we can improve your experience with UiPath, please let us know in the comment section below.

by Joachim Koch

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