24 September 2014

Learning Robotic Process Automation Through Video Tutorials

24 September 2014

Learning Robotic Process Automation Through Video Tutorials

Have you seen our video tutorials sectionBased on requests from our current and prospective users, we’ve developed an extensive library of free video tutorials to offer a sound foundation for becoming an RPA expert working with the UiPath RPA platform. Moreover, they should give you a head start for exploring more complex automation scenarios. Dig in and enjoy.

Basic concepts, and more


Before digging into automation in depth, our Introduction to UiPath and Activities, variables, and data types tutorials give an overview of our products: UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot, and UiPath Orchestrator. You’ll be introduced to the different types of workflows (e.g. sequences, flowcharts, transactional business processes) as well as the recorder functionality that can be used to create automation. The videos also show how UiPath makes use of work queues to distribute work between software robots and how logs can be used to monitor robot performance. In addition, you’ll learn about the activities and properties panels, which enable the manipulation of data-processing actions and parameters.

  • Of course, a number of the most fundamental concepts are also introduced in more detail. Control Flow — which includes mastering “If...Else” and “For Each” statements as well as loops — is important to be aware of when designing particular sequences of actions. Data manipulation, on the other hand, shines a light on the three main types of variable classifications (i.e. scalar, collections, and tables) as well as UiPath’s unique GenericValue variable. Most importantly, going beyond the technical elements, you’ll also learn about how to approach organizing automation projects to leverage reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and extensibility on a general basis.

User Interface Automation


RPA bots allow for efficient automation by directly learning from human users and interacting with user interfaces just as humans would. The UI automation tutorial provides a basis for learning about the four types of recorders that can be used for mimicking your actions during a screen recording. The Basic recorder is suited for singular activities, while the more complex Desktop, Web, and Citrix recorders are designed for their respective environments. You’ll also learn how to use the manual recording for the input and output of data. If you want to set up or edit your automation flows without recording, our videos also introduce the basics of selectors (which you full control over which objects the robot manipulate, independent of whether you are targeting website content or offline software). They also teach you how to assign actions and control feedback mechanisms via advanced UI automation.


Excel, Email, and PDF Automation


Virtually every business that uses computers depends on standardized document types and communication channels to allow for the efficient exchange of information. With our video tutorials, we want to make sure that you can quickly get started to integrate the most important data inputs and outputs into your RPA workflows. Excel and DataTables, for example, are used all around the world to process and store data from simple recruiting pipelines to the most complex financial analysis. Being able to extract and automate PDF data is also a key skill for automation excellence. And while it has often been declared that emails would soon become obsolete, they still represent the core communication channel and a major time-consuming factors for many employees, making investments into email automation yield very reliable returns.


External integrations: SAP & Citrix Automation


In order to allow for seamless automation with other technology platforms, UiPath has out-of-the-box integration with, for example, Citrix (a remote desktop environment) and SAP (an Enterprise Resource Management software). With our SAP automation tutorial, you’ll be able to more easily enable SAP scripting and pick up techniques for recording workflows, configuring activities and keyboard shortcuts, as well as extracting text. On the other hand, tips for automating virtual applications, adding actions to already recorded workflows, and retrieving data using the OCR engine are explained in our Citrix automation video. Advanced Citrix automation, where the remainder of a workflow is only triggered once a certain image is detected, can be achieved by using our “Find Image” activity. This video also explains using keyboard commands as well as certain parameters for faster automation.


Attended Automation


Some business functions, especially those in the front office, have human interaction at their core — whether it’s a call being made by a sales representative or a customer being served by a service hotline. However, time is critical and errors can be costly for sales or customer service agents. By learning about agent-assisted automation and user events, you can let RPA robots quickly take over repetitive and time-consuming tasks from your agents. They can, for example, take care of populating big parts of CRMs (such as Salesforce or Zendesk) and support agents in real-time during interactions with customers.


Debugging and Exception Handling


Especially in the early phases of establishing an automated process, it can be the case that the software robots run into exceptions and require human intervention for debugging. Luckily, UiPath Studio is enabled with a debug component that helps identify problems with the set-up of complex workflows. Errors are checked for in real-time and detailed by the Workflow Designer, while you can also view a detailed log of exceptions, slow the debugging process, and examine the properties of an active action. Taking a look at our debugging and exceptions video will point you in the right direction for learning more about these UiPath features.


Making the most of UiPath


It’s no easy task to become an expert in a new technology, and this is no different with RPA. Nonetheless, our detailed video tutorials  — many of which contain simple examples that you are encouraged to replicate — allow you to start easily and advanced fast. Automation success is right at your fingertips.


Learning RPA is fun, and we take it seriously. Register for UiPath Academy, it's free!


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by Mina Deckard

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