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SAP Automation Video Tutorial

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SAP Automation with UiPath


SAP is a well known enterprise software that manages business operations and customer relations. There are elements in the SAP GUI that, just like in Citrix environments, are considered one block. That means it's impossible to use a simple recording or automation tool with them.

This video will show you how to automate processes with Studio in SAP. The techniques that are used are fairly standard, such as recording, manually inserting Click Text actions, sending keyboard shortcuts, and extracting text, focusing on SAP-specific approaches.

First off, you will learn how to enable SAP scripting both on the local machine, where the Robot runs, and on the server. This setting needs to be performed only once, and gives Studio direct access to the SAP GUI.

The combined techniques of recording, manually inserting and configuring activities will result in easy SAP automation with Studio.