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Debugging and Exceptions

How to Debug Workflows

UiPath Studio comes with a debug component that helps find and locate problems easily in complex workflows. This is useful for viewing the execution of each activity to verify what data it gets and in checking if there are errors in producing outputs.

UiPath has a real-time engine that checks for errors while working with your workflow. Whenever an activity has errors, UiPath Workflow Designer notifies and gives you details about the issue encountered.

The activity that is currently being executed is highlighted during the debugging process, and for workflows that employ UI automation, you can also highlight the element used by an activity. 

The Properties Inspector panel, that is displayed only in debugging, shows relevant properties for the active action, and the current value of all variables declared in the given scope. 

Additionally, a detailed log is displayed in the Output panel, so that you can check the stages of your workflow.

You can slow down the debugging process with the Slow Step option, take a step by step approach or create pauses on certain activities by adding breakpoints. 

Multiple examples are given in this training video, so that you can easily see the types of errors you might encounter and how to deal with them.