2022.4 Release Brings Automation Access for All

automation access for all uipath 2022.4 release
uipath 2022.4 release series

At UiPath, we believe that every worker can benefit from automation. In fact, 86% of employees report that they want to use automation in their day-to-day work. When asked what they would do with the time saved, employees report that they want to learn new skills or focus on critical, value-added tasks.

Every person has a unique work style, unique work preferences, and unique responsibilities. And our goal is to make it easy for any individual in any job role and any software environment to work with and benefit from robots.

That’s why in this release we're excited to announce new features that bring more users into the UiPath tent—and make it easy for them to access a wider library of ready-to-go automations.

Automation available on Mac

In the 2022.4 release, we welcome Robots on Mac to the UiPath family to give every Mac user access to automation.

UiPath Assistant on macOS 2022.4 release

Mac users can now access automation via UiPath Assistant and easily:

  • Access, manage, and run cross-platform attended automations developed by the center of excellence (CoE) in UiPath Studio

  • Launch automation-powered apps

  • Submit new automation ideas to the CoE via UiPath Automation Hub

  • Access ready-to-go automations from UiPath Marketplace or the internal automation store

  • Quickly run their favorite automations by setting up keyboard shortcuts and reminders

As always, you have central oversight and control over the whole program. This makes it easy to deploy and govern automations across both Windows and macOS.

A bigger library of ready-to-go automations

UiPath Marketplace new ready-to-go automations 2022.4 release

Last year, we introduced an integration between Assistant and UiPath Marketplace, providing every automation user with a collection of ready-to-go automations via the Marketplace widget in Assistant. In this release, we’re excited to offer 26 new automations that help employees with a variety of tasks, from extracting pages from a PDF to password protecting documents.

All automations are built by UiPath or certified partners and robotic process automation (RPA) professionals so your employees benefit from secure and trusted content in their day-to-day work. Better yet, you can easily download all ready-to-go automations and customize them for your employees’ needs.

Introducing Automation Launchpad (private preview)

automation launchpad uipath apps 2022.4 release

In the 2022.4 release, we are also excited to introduce a private preview for Automation Launchpad, the CoE’s ultimate tool to scale and evangelize a company-wide automation program.

Built on UiPath Apps, Automation Launchpad provides a clear path for users to:

  • Learn about automation

  • Uncover the company’s most popular automations, how much time they save, and the automation heroes who brought them to life

  • Request licenses from the CoE (and learn development best practices and key company guidelines for automations)

  • Get connected to Automation Hub to share automation ideas

Find out more about joining the next Automation Launchpad private preview.

UiPath Attended Framework to develop automations users will love

The new Attended Framework by UiPath, available in UiPath Marketplace, helps developers design automations that users will love. The framework provides best practices and development processes for providing engaging user experiences, sharing automation context, and maximizing automation performance. For example, the framework shows developers how to use guided notifications to help users navigate through an automation.

All ready-to-go automations developed by UiPath now feature the new framework.

Business solutions on UiPath Marketplace

With the 2022.4 release, UiPath Marketplace expands its offering with business solutions: automation workflows that help solve business challenges across industries and domains. Developed by UiPath business and technology partners, these automations provide department leads with efficient automated solutions to their business needs—with zero development efforts required.

All business solutions available on the Marketplace are verified by the UiPath Marketplace team and can be confidently used by enterprises. Marketplace business solutions undergo a thorough verification process that includes security checks, a review of solution documentation, and a technical demo to the UiPath team.

Try out semantic automation

For business users whose work requires a lot of data entry, we’ve developed an app for you (we're currently calling it "Clipboard AI"). "Clipboard AI" intelligently transfers data between documents, spreadsheets, and apps. By understanding the structures of your content, it automatically inserts critical data into the right places, taking copy and paste to the next level.

"Clipboard AI" is still in development, but we would like to involve our early adopters throughout the next stages so that we can create an app that addresses users' specific needs and improve their experience. If you are interested in learning more about "Clipboard AI" and participating, sign up for the UiPath Insider program.

Tune in to UiPath Live: The 2022.4 Release show

Hear more about the 2022.4 release from UiPath Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon, other UiPath automation experts, and customers during our next UiPath Live show. Join us on May 18 for UiPath Live: The 2022.4 Release show.

Save your spot.

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Anastasia Milgramm

Senior Director, ESG, UiPath

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