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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we introduced our newest deployment option, Automation Cloud™ for enterprise.

This blog post is part of our 20.10 release blog set, but Automation Cloud is updated every two weeks, so I’ll share some of the highlights over the last six months and glimpse forward as well. I will focus on Automation Cloud for enterprise which has the superset of features, but many of the core benefits accrue to our Automation Cloud for community users as well.

SOC 2 Certification added

Soc2 certification uipath

Security and compliance is everybody’s top priority. Automation Cloud recently underwent an extensive audit process and is now certified for SOC 2 Type 1, as well as Veracode Continuous and ISO 27001. Customers and future customers have told us SOC 2 will make discussions with their internal security teams easier, so we’re pleased to have delivered this important milestone.

A new design, new portal – and new services to go with them!

new uipath portal automation cloud

Our first focus in Automation Cloud at release was a great UiPath Orchestrator experience with integrated user management, licensing, and the resources needed to get automating quickly. And we keep investing in that aspect.

As one highlight, there’s now a new user experience for Orchestrator that separates out tenant actions from modern folder actions cleanly, adds nice touches like a contextual quick actions menu. and gives clearer navigation of the modern folder tree. The results are a simpler experience for users.

We’ve also added major new services to Automation Cloud, and they increase the roles that will want to interact with Automation Cloud directly. So, the new UiPath Portal is now a web experience where everyone can see and work with all the UiPath services they’re authorized to use.

Investments behind the scenes like single sign-on across all services, simplify access for authorized users to all these portal services and make it simpler for administrators to manage compliantly at enterprise scale. One example is tenant-based permissions all managed from one user directory, which can be integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) for true enterprise directory scale.

But the stars of this show are the services themselves. The complete list of services now in Automation Cloud:

  • Actions

  • AI Computer Vision

  • AI Fabric

  • Apps

  • Data Service

  • Document Understanding

  • Orchestrator

  • Processes

We’ve also added a simplified view to the Orchestrator service where citizen developers can go to manage the personal workspace automations they have published from UiPath StudioX.

And you’ll see more and more services come into the UiPath Portal (yes, including Automation Hub!) in the next few months.

Making Automation Cloud fundamentals even better

We’ve also worked hard on the platform and management aspects of the Automation Cloud. A few highlights:

  • Complete revision of the access control model, to separate user management globally from management in Orchestrator

  • Groups and custom groups for user management, including the ability to modify the default permissions in groups

  • Greatly expanded tenant capabilities (tenants can now contain multiple different services)

  • Recording (faulted job troubleshooting via screenshot for unattended Robot)

  • Log forwarding to your own cloud storage (finished preview, coming end of November)

uipath automation cloud groups 20

We are always focused on service quality and transparency - you can always see status here, and we fully postmortem any unexpected issue. We are also excited to announce 2 new regions in Australia and Canada coming before the end of 2020, to complement our existing US, Europe, and Japan regions.

Looking forward: cloud robots

Another big investment area is cloud robots. We’ve started a private preview of autoscaling from the cloud Orchestrator, which enables preview customers to automatically provision and spin up/spin down robots in their own public cloud, and we look forward to widening that.

The next step is robots that are entirely provisioned and managed at an infrastructure level on your behalf by UiPath, and we expect to start previewing that exciting development in 2021.

Check it out

You can find out more about UiPath Automation Cloud at automationcloud.com. Or, for a broader view of the UiPath cloud options and offers, please take a look at this summary page.

Thank you to everyone who is using Automation Cloud, community or enterprise. We appreciate your trust and enthusiasm for the service, and have more news to come in the next few months!

tarek madkour uipath
Tarek Madkour

Senior Director, Product Management, UiPath

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