When IBM watsonx.ai met UiPath Connector Builder

New IBM watsonx.ai Connector for UiPath

The UiPath Connector Catalog is a large, and rapidly growing resource for integrating automation across any system. Diverse and flexible, the catalog supports prebuilt API-based integrations for popular lines-of-business automation, essential IT system automation, and of course, generative AI automation.

UiPath Connector Builder

But if you need an API integration that’s currently not available, there’s Connector Builder for Integration Service. Connector Builder enables UiPath Business Automation Platform customers to unlock the value of third-party APIs, creating automation connectivity, as needed. 

Connector Builder’s functionality propels developers of all backgrounds to further leverage integrations with common third-party systems providing incremental functionality, growth, and ease. 

As generative AI capabilities continue to grow in usage and adoption, it is only natural to integrate this capability with leading AI and data platforms like IBM watsonx.

IBM watsonx.ai and UiPath

Now, in what has turned out to be an exciting better-together story, IBM has used UiPath Connector Builder to create a unique watsonx.ai connector for access to a variety of large language models (LLMs) and foundation models of different sizes and architectures. Developers will be able to leverage a range of natural language processing (NLP) tasks, including summarization and Q&A. IBM watsonx.ai is a next-generation enterprise studio for AI builders to train, validate, tune, and deploy generative AI and machine learning models into business applications. In recognition of this joint-value proposition, IBM and UiPath worked together to develop this connector and release it to the ecosystem.

Why do this?

IBM’s industry-leading consulting capabilities, coupled with leveraging the larger UiPath Business Automation Platform, will help address what both companies see as serious challenges to successful generative AI adoption—including the right strategy for infusing AI into more powerful and complex automated workflows.

This can unlock tremendous value for organizations by combining generative AI and automation in their enterprises.

AI and GenAI are rapidly changing the global business landscape. We are excited that IBM’s watsonx.ai and UiPath Connector Builder together can now help create insights and efficiencies that can result in real value for clients.

Tom Ivory, Senior Partner, Vice President, Global Leader of Global Automation, IBM Consulting

The new connector provides UiPath customers with access to multiple foundation models currently available in watsonx.ai.

GenAI use cases—such as summarization, Q&A, task classification, and optimization for chat—are quickly integrated and infused into new and existing UiPath workflows and frameworks.

Real-world value, delivered today

In this customer call center example, UiPath collaborates with watsonx.ai to generate an agent call summarization (other systems include UiPath Integration Service, UiPath Studio, Microsoft Outlook, and API interfaces):

UiPath and IBM watsonx.ai customer agent call summarization workflow

Ultimately, watsonx customers can also access the broader UiPath Platform capabilities—such as test automation, process mining, and Studio workflows—all within a low-/no-code UX environment.

We’re excited to announce that the IBM watsonx.ai connector is now generally available through the Integration Service Connector Catalog.

The UiPath AI Summit is now available on demand

The IBM watsonx.ai connector and additional GenAI automation examples were presented recently during the UiPath AI Summit. The AI Summit included real-world examples of how enterprises are transforming with AI and automation, from the latest in intelligent document processing (IDP) to UiPath Autopilot™, and everything in between.

Catch up with any announcements you missed by watching the on-demand replays. Register once and get access to all session recordings.

charlie greenberg uipath product marketing manager
Charlie Greenberg

Senior Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

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