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Announcing UiPath Studio Web

Ever since two computers communicated with each other at the birth of the internet, the most popular internet-led experiences have had some key things in common: availability, simplicity, connectivity, and obvious benefits. But even when we sense the potential benefits of new technologies, access difficulties or product complexity can still make it hard for us to take advantage of them in our daily lives.

UiPath is committed not just to building the most powerful and useful automation platform capabilities on the planet, but to making them available and ever-easier to use—for everyone. We’re humbled that the AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform is already the automation platform of choice in so many of the world’s companies, big and small. But we always want to do more, and today, we’re taking another step forward in bringing that power to everyone with the launch of UiPath Studio Web.

Studio Web takes advantage of the full power of the UiPath Business Automation Platform. And it’s made for most of us: people who just want to get more things done, and in particular, those of us who want to remove tedious, repetitive computer tasks from our day.

It’s not just for simple automation—but it does make automation simpler.

UiPath Studio Web is entirely browser-based, so it’s easily available to everyone in an organization. There’s no software for a user to install, no updates to make. Just the ability to automate, right at your fingertips, when you need it. Better yet, it works in the browser on Mac, Linux, or Windows.

Behind the scenes, Studio Web takes advantage of UiPath Platform capabilities like Integration Service, Document Understanding, and Serverless Robots. That means you can easily automate tasks involving all the systems you work with, like SAP, Salesforce, or Workday—and those automations run like magic in the background whenever they are needed.

For those who operate automation centers of excellence (CoEs) with IT environments, Studio Web is a huge new enabler for citizen development—but fully integrated with the broader platform when it comes to user management, auditing, licensing, and taking advantage of other platform capabilities.

Studio Web is not just a web development environment: it’s a portal into the capabilities of the UiPath Business Automation Platform. With Studio Web, it’s surprisingly easy for users to take advantage of other rich UiPath technologies like Document Understanding, Process Mining, and Communications Mining. They get access to powerful AI tools and ML models that make automations easier to build and more resilient to change.

Its entirely browser-based delivery simplifies deployment for IT and improves access for business users. Its cross-platform design means you can offer web- and API-based automation to everyone, whether they are on Mac, Linux, or Windows. And its architecture means that Studio Web automations can be evolved in Studio by the user or by pro developers in the CoE. So the best automations can be identified, polished, and broadly distributed across the organization to help everyone.

Citizen developer and RPA developer bringing an automation to life

Studio Web has been a long time in the making because we wanted it to truly deliver the power of the broader UiPath Business Automation Platform but simplify the experience of automating in ways that will bring its benefits to whole new audiences. We’re excited to introduce it today to our CoE community, our developer community, and users everywhere. Let’s step into the future together. Use UiPath Automation Cloud™ to get started with UiPath Studio Web today, directly in your browser:

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Magda Neagu

Director, Product Marketing, UiPath

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