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The difference between success and failure for software these days can come down to an attractive interface. No doubt about it, we expect our technology to look nice. That includes the staff here at UiPath, and we are proud to share a product that meets even our high design standards.

Workflow 1

We challenge you to find a nicer-looking automation designer. UiPath Desktop features a clean interface that begins with differentiated toolbars on top for Design, Execute, Setup, and Code. You’ll find all of the most-used commands in these toolbars, and all of them are labeled with icons for faster visual recognition. Anyone who uses Google products can attest to the importance of icons – our brains tend to move faster with pictures than with words.

The main window of the Desktop software is where you design your workflow. Understanding code takes many hours of study and practice, but at the end of the day, telling a computer program what to do is all about rearranging a set of building blocks. We took that idea literally: anybody can program a robot with our flowchart designer! Simply select the actions you want from a library on the left-hand side of your screen, insert them into the workflow, and string them together with arrows. Additional information and outputs can be found in the right-hand column of the screen.

If you know exactly what you want your robot to do, you can start off with the flowchart designer from scratch. Otherwise, if the process you wish to automate is a bit too complicated for that, rely on our Record tool. This is the way you can “train” the robots as you would a human coworker: by walking them through the process as you do it. Just hit record and perform the process once. This will create a new action for the flowchart designer, which you can tweak and refine after you’ve recorded. You can see in our video tutorials that we use the Record tool a lot – definitely the fastest way to automation!

We all know that a big selling point for RPA is scalability, but we’re also proud of our product’s unique scalability – it’s made for both IT computer programmers who like to tinker with code and the average employee who would prefer to stay as far away from coding as possible. Usability is very important to us. By placing a high priority on user interface and attractive visual design in our products, we aim to make RPA appealing and within reach for every customer.

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Katie Behrens

Client Service Representative, Arts People

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