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15 May 2019

How UiPath is Training People for the Future of Work

15 May 2019

How UiPath is Training People for the Future of Work

When we created the online UiPath Academy in 2017, we never imagined how many people around the world would use our product, let alone take online trainings for it.


On the Academy’s second anniversary, our Community counts more than 320,000 students from 170 countries.


As we celebrate, I’d like to reflect on:

  • Our path here
  • The new types of jobs the Academy enables
  • Where we’re headed


The path to 320,000 students


Our journey in the “automation first” era has been staggering. Growing to hundreds of thousands of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developers was only possible thanks to youour knowledge-hungry Community.



Developers all around the globe have learned how to automate tasks in their personal and work lives via the UiPath Academy trainings, which are available in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, and Korean.


Community members approach the Academy content with a refreshing and exciting attitude. Frankly, I constantly stumble upon LinkedIn posts of people who are celebrating completing their Academy courses or passing the RPA Developer Advanced certification exam. The "learn anywhere" ethos reverberates from one continent to another, enabling people everywhere to accelerate their careers.


RPA Developer Certificate of Completion UiPath


UiPath is creating new types of jobs


“I was given the opportunity to learn because UiPath believes in free learning, which is so important. I was allowed to use the software because UiPath believes in the openness of its use. I spend more quality time with my wife and children and we are more financially stable than we have ever been. The future looks bright. I'm thriving in a new career because of the commitment UiPath has to empowering individuals to change their work, and in doing so, their lives.”
- Dillan Hackett, Director, Hackett Consulting Services


Our team loves receiving messages like these. A new class of jobs is emerging to fill the Robotic Operations Center (ROC), which includes RPA developers, business analysts, solution architects, implementation managers, and more.


As the automation first era continues, I’m hopeful that we will collectively build on the Academy’s success and assist more people like Dillan.


Perhaps this young man is next!



The path forward: What's next for the Academy


In the past two years, the UiPath Academy has expanded incredibly quickly thanks to a wide and deep talent pool, which has contributed their time, expertise, and passion along the way.


A big “thank you” to our Community for walking on this journey with us, to every member of the Academy team, and to the extended Academy family of subject matter experts (SMEs) for being fully immersed and amazing beyond expectations!


To celebrate two years of RPA learning, the Academy is launching three new courses:

  • The RPA Starter Course is an enterprise user’s first step on their RPA journey. RPA “newbies” are offered first-hand insights on the UiPath ecosystem and learn how to apply automation to their business and personal lives. Through this course, they can also join the amazing UiPath Community and discover opportunities for collaborative learning.
  • The UiPath 2019.4 Feature-Specific Course aligns with the latest product release, and leverages our new learning content development standards, providing an improved learning experience through an improved user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), modularity, quizzes, and feedback.
  • Our Licensing Course provides an overview of the latest licensing model, and is open and freely available to customers, UiPath Partners, and even non-enterprise users.


Here’s to the next two years!


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Diana Ocraim is the Senior Director of the UiPath Academy and Automation Ready Programs.

by Diana Ocraim

TOPICS: Education, training, RPA future, UiPath Academy

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