State of the Automation Professional Survey

State of the Automation Professional Survey 2023

Our journey with this research started in 2020 to better understand the experience of automation professionals around the world. The annual UiPath Community industry report offers insights into what drives job satisfaction in the automation space, what the automation professionals' attitudes are, what are the trends in automation careers, where we stand in the market and many more.

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This is a way to support customers, partners and automation professionals in the market with valuable insights about level of satisfaction and competence. On the other hand, we want to expand and improve our ability to help these professionals in their automation learning journeys further.

From last year’s report, we’ve learned that most automation professionals are highly satisfied with their roles and that they feel optimistic about the future of this industry. Also, they have a significant role in influencing which technology their companies use. We see year-over-year growing percentages in both new and experienced RPA and automation developers. Overall, we notice the RPA and automation industry maturing. More than 50% of RPA developers have at least three years' experience. 30% report that their organization has used RPA for 5+ years compared to 16% last year.

Read key takeaways and last year report.

RPA and automation developers see themselves continuing to build expertise on core UiPath products like UiPath Studio and UiPath Orchestrator and are expanding into UiPath AI Center™ and UiPath Document Understanding. Thanks for all the insights shared with us in the previous years!

The good news is that we continue to expand and learn about the automation workforce and profession with this latest State of the Automation Professional. Our main AI roadmap over the last years has focused on uncovering automation opportunities, adding new skills to robots to be able to emulate a broader set of human work. That is why, this year we included a section about the role of AI for the automation professionals.

Join us and be part of a global survey to gather insights about the current state of automation professionals around the world. We've designed this survey to highlight different aspects of the working environment, to find out the biggest satisfactions and frustrations, and discover more about learning habits and career paths. The data will be presented in an insightful report available to all those that participate.

Seeing that our audiences are expanding in different groups, we designed three separate paths: one dedicated to automation professionals working in development, one dedicated to business automation roles and one dedicated to students interested in pursuing a career path in automation later in their journey.

Finally, we want to take the pulse on how automation professionals use the resources available in the UiPath Community and what are the most valuable to them. The survey is estimated to take 15 minutes to complete and closes on April 30.

Automation professionals are essential to this research, so please spread the word in your networks. Completing the survey gets the opportunity to enter our raffle to win one of 50 vouchers for UiPath branded goods. Your voice matters. Let’s find together what shapes the art and practice of automation today.

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Oana Chicioroaga
Oana Chicioroaga

RPA Content Manager, UiPath