UiPath Community MVP Program

UiPath Community’s Most Valuable Professional Program

In the past three years since the UiPath Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program launched, we have succeeded in growing organically, reaching an impressive number of 100. The MVP Award is a program designed to offer the highest recognition to our community members for their outstanding contribution to the automaton landscape. Passionate about automation and digital transformation, they constantly choose to learn and spread knowledge in the community. Playing with edge technologies, they are involved in the product roadmap throughout the year.

MVP Peter Preuss “The UiPath Community is the network that connects people."

 As an MVP, you achieve various benefits including professional growth, sessions with UiPath product leaders, early access to the product road map, and notoriety. With this program the common aim is to gather technical experts across all regions to share ideas. The criteria for becoming an MVP lay in three main pillars: technical expertise, contribution, and vision. For technical expertise, you need to have worked with UiPath products for at least two years and have high-level expertise for at least one product from the suite. Contributing inside UiPath Community is the second important pillar for the award. There are plenty of opportunities to explore, from contributing to UiPath Forum with solutions to publishing components in UiPath Marketplace. Motivation and vision are intrinsic values for MVPs to shape the automation space further.

Now that we have announced our new network of MVPs, it's time to acknowledge some of their successes in 2021. Among the activities, we mention a few which have had a significant impact.  

We succeeded in publishing, in collaboration with Lahiru Fernando, the “Getting Started With Robotic Process Automation” refcard—a comprehensive reading, emphasizing the importance of AI and machine learning. Nisarg Kadam and Sishira Mishra, were invited to share their experience while prospecting the new era of automation with AI in a dedicated article: "Enter the New Era of Automation With AI in RPA" published by Analytics India Magazine.

RPA Summer School organized and conducted by Afe Araromi, Hanh Nguyen, Nicolas Erlichman and Nidhi Chaturvedi was a hit. This impressive program gathered large audiences and was designed for those with no previous experience in RPA.  

Automation Pathshala with Nisarg Kadam and Parth Doshi, event organized with UiPath, was held with more than 500 participants. The main purpose was to focus on strengthening the base knowledge of UiPath Studio.

Here are some testimonials from MVPs talking about their experience inside UiPath Community. Find out what it takes to become an MVP.

MVP Eduard Shlepetskyy “Join UiPath Community where you can learn, teach others and grow together."
MVP Nidhi Chaturvedi shares experience on how to become an MVP!

We're excited to see what they accomplished in 2021 and we're eager to look further at what innovations they'll bring. As an MVP, you can influence the road map of UiPath products with articulated vision and implementation. If you are passionate about automation, you can follow MVPs’ activity inside the community. At any time, you can opt for mentorship as they are open to giving back what they learned in their journey. 

MVP Shubham Varshney “MVP award is a token of love from UiPath to the best in the community. “

Each year we welcome new minds to our MVP program. The things that can pave your way are contribution and passion for the community. Be inspired, share your knowledge of automation, and join the MVP program.

MVP Mukesh Kala “My contributions were recognized at a global level.”

 Oana Chicioroaga is an RPA Content Manager at UiPath

Oana Chicioroaga
Oana Chicioroaga

RPA Content Manager, UiPath