30 July 2020

Citizen Developer Foundation – Building Your Own Robot Has Never Been Easier

30 July 2020

Citizen Developer Foundation – Building Your Own Robot Has Never Been Easier



Everyone who has ever worked on that all-too-common task that repeats from day to day must have thought of ways to get rid of it. There are many examples of what the task can be: filling out a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, creating an invoice, or even cleaning out your email junk folder.


Imagine you just had a brainstorming session during which you found automation as the best way to get this annoying task done. You approached your company’s leaders and asked them to help you bring this automation to life...but got rejected, as your suggestion doesn’t fit the criteria for the company-wide automation initiative deployed by the automation Center of Excellence (CoE). Still, it doesn’t mean that your idea should be buried. Moreover, some of your colleagues may experience the same pains.


Why not become a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developer and make your and your coworkers’ lives easier? Now it’s possible for people with zero coding experience and moderate technology knowledge to create their own automations. We call it citizen development and UiPath has everything you need to become a citizen developer and automate that hated chore once and forever.


A citizen developer is a non-technical user who would like to create simple automations for themselves or their department.


Meet Citizen Developer Foundation – our new UiPath Academy training designed to help everyone who is looking to change the way they work with the power of automation.


Citizen Developer Foundation spotlights UiPath StudioX – the no-code tool that allows you to build smaller task automations using simple drag-and-drop capabilities and serves as a perfect fit for users who have no or little development experience. This training encourages you, as a subject matter expert, to automate what you think needs to be automated and provides all the necessary resources to do that. With dozens of practical exercises, demo videos, and other types of learning materials, Citizen Developer Foundation will become your magic wand in the world of automation.


Let’s deep dive into how you can save yourself—and potentially your department—from work boredom with the help of the UiPath Citizen Developer Foundation Academy training. The whole learning plan consists of eleven courses that guide you step by step in building and managing your own software robot. From getting familiar with StudioX interface to becoming an independent RPA expert who can handle errors and run the attended automation - we’ll get your automation needs covered.


Through this training, you’ll learn how to automate across the most common applications in your tech stack including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, File Manager, and others. In addition, you’ll get familiar with the UiPath Platform and will be able to reuse the learning materials by sharing them with your colleagues and building your own automation portfolio.


Overall, Citizen Developer Foundation provides many hidden opportunities – too many to cover in this article. Complete 16 hours of comprehensive training that can be taken in any order and at your own pace—and you’ll never ever have to do that repetitive task again. Enroll in the Citizen Developer Foundation training. Building your own robot has never been easier.


Cosmin Simion is an Academy program manager at UiPath.

by Cosmin Simion

TOPICS: Learning RPA, UiPath Academy

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