12 November 2019

Changing the World with Automation: Community Impact Awards 2019

12 November 2019

Changing the World with Automation: Community Impact Awards 2019


Last month at FORWARD III, we hosted the world's largest gathering of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) practitioners and experts. We unveiled many product innovations, showcased stories of customer scale, and brought RPA visionaries to share their most insightful views on the industry. And we wrapped up the two days in Las Vegas by celebrating something all of us at UiPath are proud of—the UiPath Community.


In the last few years, our Community has inspired us with the impact being made on society through automation. We’ve been inspired not only by your deep technical expertise and your vision to tackle real-world problems but also your passion to help each other. And above all, we’ve been inspired by the ways you’ve shown us how automation creates good in the world.


This is why we created our inaugural Community Impact Awards. The first-time recipients of these awards were recognized for demonstrating what’s possible with RPA. They demonstrated that the powerful technology that we've built together can be applied beyond the normal, repetitive tasks that we see in the enterprise ecosystem. Each of the winning teams developed an automation that has a potentially life-changing impact. These automations emerged out of worldwide UiPath Community programs: from our global virtual hackathon, to our in-person hackathon in Delhi, to our RPA League program out of Texas in the United States (U.S.).


Microdonation Processing automation

Lee Lihe Guo, Jeffrey Jingfeng Li, Morris Ruoyu Miao, and Dee Di Yan


Adream Foundation is a Shanghai-based nonprofit that addresses inequalities in China’s education sector, serving underprivileged children in rural areas and urban inner cities to help them forge their own opportunities.


The Adream Foundation was receiving over 100,000 online donations a day through its main vendors: Alipay, WeChat Pay, Tencent Charity, and Tenpay. With limited staff and resources, the organization could only process the donations received once a month.



Using UiPath, four RPA practitioners from the Deloitte Foundation automated the ledger reconciliation for the Adream Foundation's public donation records. The Adream Foundation saves 80% of the time previously used to reconcile donation records for public release—and can better serve their donors as a more open, transparent public charity. Now, the donation data is accessed and downloaded daily. As a result, donors have greater transparency into what projects their donations are supporting.


This automation can be easily replicated to other foundations that use similar payment gateways.


Pneumonia Diagnosis automation

Vi Ly


Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that causes inflammation. According to the National Institutes of Health, a chest x-ray is the best method to test for pneumonia. But reading x-ray images requires significant expertise and experience.


Vi Ly, a graduate student at the University of Texas pursuing a data science degree, used a dataset of over 6,000 x-ray scans to create a deep learning model. Then, he built a workflow in UiPath to automate the testing process. The workflow tests the selected image and is able to accurately determine whether a chest x-ray image is positive or negative for pneumonia – something previously thought to be impossible without human expertise.


This is a brilliant example for all of us to learn about the power of RPA and artificial intelligence (AI). The complex decision-making algorithms that are built on technologies like deep learning and machine learning are masked by the simplicity of RPA, which makes the adoption of technology solutions easier than ever before.


Visual Assistant for the Blind automation

Ujjwal Gupta, Sahil Sharma, Sumita Narang, and Vipul Tiwari


Dinesh, a senior developer at the company Publicis Sapient in India, has a visual impairment. However, he hasn’t let visual impairment stop him from a successful career as a developer and writing code using a screen reader. Still, he faces many day-to-day challenges—one of which was reading image-based emails.


To solve this, at one of our hackathons in India, a team of developers created a project that uses Google Vision, combined with UiPath capabilities, to extract the image context as well as text fields out of emails—which is then presented as a speech output for people with visual impairments.


With this tool, the workplace has become more inclusive and Dinesh is now able to digest the emails that he receives every day.


Congratulations to our 2019 Community Impact Award winners! And thanks to thousands of our community members who are actively building the future of work. As the saying goes - “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes an immersive community to accelerate human achievement.


Join us at an upcoming meetup to build the next great automation together.



Tejus Venkatesh is chief evangelist of India and APAC at UiPath.

by Tejus Venkatesh

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