9 June 2020

Stay Involved - Join Your Local UiPath Chapter

9 June 2020

Stay Involved - Join Your Local UiPath Chapter



When we launched our Community Forum back in 2016, there was a need for us all to connect and talk about the product, give feedback, and learn from each other. As that expanded into our UiPath Academy, and eventually Connect with the largest RPA professional network, we needed to get offline and in person, which became the birth of all of the UiPath Community programs.


Over the past year and a half, we have grown to over 15,000 meetup members that have met globally to discuss the automation industry (and more recently, hyperautomation). With meetups, hackathons, and more programs, the community came together across more than 70 cities over 200 times up until March 2020. But in light of recent circumstances, we of course, need to make a shift.


Since the beginning of our UiPath journey, our RPA community has been scattered across the web to try and find the best quality webinars, meetups, and community events to attend. They have scoured far and wide to find events that came from the proper sources with mixed results and at an irregular cadence. Today, we are proud to announce that we have a centralized page of all local, consistent, and verified, UiPath Community chapters!


More than ever, we must remain globally connected. And even more importantly in a time like today, locally involved. Each person in our community comes from a different walk of life, especially when automation impacts each industry. As much as we can grow individually, we become whole as a community when we lift up the people surrounding us. Whether you are a customer, partner, freelancer, enthusiast, or a beginner to UiPath, we open our arms to the largest automation community of over 750,000 members across the world. Moving forward, we commit to hosting dozens of virtual meetup events with top-tier RPA professionals as we continue to grow our localized virtual events.


Join your local UiPath Community chapter to attend various virtual events to further your RPA journey. As we return to our roots of connecting digitally, let’s think about how we can continue to grow the UiPath Community together and build up the individuals around us. See you online for the next virtual event!


Join your local chapter

by Diana Morgan

TOPICS: Learning RPA, UiPath Community Forum, Connect!, UiPath community

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