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UiPath Live—stay in the know

UiPath Live—stay in the know

The latest news, advice, and analysis from industry experts

Event icon - whiteUiPath this spring at ViVE & HIMSS!


UiPath this spring at ViVE & HIMSS!

What’s at the heart of healthcare? Human interactions. And when administrative burdens become too high, the entire healthcare ecosystem suffers. The answer? Healthcare automation t...

Event icon - whiteAutomation Summit Copenhagen


UiPath Automation Summit Copenhagen

May 25—During this full day of inspiration and innovation, learn from Danish customers across industries how automation is moving forward like never before.

Event icon - whiteUiPath Automation Summit Helsinki


UiPath Automation Summit Helsinki

April 27—Learn from nine Finnish customers how automation is moving forward like never before at this full day of inspiration and exploration. Let your vision for real digital tra...

Event icon - whiteAutomation Specific Careers


CIONEXT Digital Innovation Now

April 26—This edition of CIONEXT examines how the CIO and their business partners are driving digital innovation. This is an online conference.

Event icon - whiteThe race to digitalization: developing a digital road map in the insurance sector


Banking & Insurance Forum 2023, Warsaw

April 20-21—Join this two-day event for a chance to gain insight into the challenges the entire financial sector is facing. This is a platform for leaders to exchange knowledge, ex...

Event icon - whiteFORWARD 5 automation event


FORWARD 5—September 2022, Las Vegas

It’s not too late to discover the future of automation.

Event icon - whiteUiPath Live: The 2022.4 Release Show


UiPath Live: The 2022.4 Release Show

Explore how the latest release opens new pathways to outsized results in productivity, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Event icon - whiteThe Reboot Work Festival homepage tile


The Reboot Work Festival

Join our showcase of the world’s top automation successes, talk to UiPath experts, and discover how automation can make the world a better place for all of us.

Event icon - whiteUiPath Integration Service Summit


UiPath Integrations Summit

Join our virtual Integrations Summit to learn how to streamline work across applications and systems with UiPath Integration Service and our network of partner integrations.

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Event icon - whiteWie Automatisierung Ihre Unternehmenskultur stärkt


UiPath AI Summit

Join thousands of automation professionals to learn about semantic automation, use cases for scaling RPA with AI, and insights to accelerate AI adoption in your company.

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Event icon - whiteUiPath 2021.10 Release Virtual Event Cover


UiPath 2021.10 Release Virtual Event

UiPath 2021.10 is here to empower you to drive change with enterprise-grade automation, so you can help your company become a fully automated enterprise™.

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Event icon - whiteFORWARD IV homepage tile


FORWARD IV—Re-live the keynotes

The world's most immersive gathering of automation experts. It's a celebration of those making digital transformation a reality.