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#UiPathTogether Munich 2019

June 25, 2019

To make digital transformation real within their ranks, companies nowadays must move faster, be more efficient, and operate at hyperspeed. This is where the automation first mindset steps in, enabling the enterprise to quickly adapt to change and thrive in the business environment.

Robotic Process Automation & AI bring business and IT together with the joint goal of being agile and successful. Companywide Digitization - Process Automation - Task Automation


Join us on Tuesday 25 June at Leonardo Royal Hotel München, for a deep-dive on how you can make this happen, and the role of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI in accelerating digital transformation across all aspects of your business.


  • Discover the “automation first” three-pronged approach and its immediate benefits
  • Learn how the digital workforce is enabling businesses to scale fast and achieve rapid results
  • Discuss how RPA impacts digitization and aligns with the strategic vision of leaders in the region
  • Discover how other companies are using RPA, use the time for networking and exchange.



When: June 25, 2019

Where: Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich, Moosacher Str. 90, 80809, Munich, Germany