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Debugging Activity Blocks

The below graphical representation highlights how UiPath Studio executes a block before stopping on it when debugging....

Internet Explorer Automation Troubleshooting

Sometimes IE automation stops working because of oleacc.dll, which is a system windows DLL file responsible with Active Accessibility support....

How to collect crash dumps

This post explains how to collect memory dumps when you are experiencing crashes with UiPath product. In rare situation when you encounter a crash, you can help us to improve UiPath product by collecting information about the error and send it to us at via the ticketing platform. Memory dumps are a ......

How to: avoid screen flickering when scraping

Flickering during screen scraping can appear only when using the "Native" scraping method. The Native method forces a repaint of the target window and in a few cases a flicker is visible....

Starting a workflow takes longer than usual

It would usually take within 3-4 seconds to start running a workflow....

Unable to Capture From Higher Integrity Level Windows Apps

In some cases, other Windows applications prevent UiPath Studio in doing screen scraping to it. This is due to  User Account Control (UAC) which set the administrator-level permission of any apps running in Windows OS (Windows Vista and Above)....