Automations improve your business. Analytics improve your automations.

Monitor, measure, and manage automation program performance
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Track KPIs across your automation program
Create custom dashboards from prebuilt templates to analyze performance—including visualizations of trends.
Track automation KPIs against business strategy
Create custom measures to track and analyze automations and benchmark performance over time.
Keep stakeholders up-to-date on automation performance
Share automation performance metrics with stakeholders and issue custom alerts on critical events and milestones.
Measure—and maximize—automation’s impact across the enterprise.
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Get the context for smarter automation decisions and strategy—and continuous improvement

  • Make data-driven decisions on automation strategy
  • Analyze the processes you automate
  • Track ROI end-to-end
  • Measure document-intensive automation performance
  • Monitor service channels in real time
  • Achieve better business outcomes
Make data-driven decisions on automation strategy

A library of customizable, prebuilt dashboard templates allows you to closely track robots, queues, and processes, while self-serve analytics let you forecast and measure the performance of each robot to reduce errors, maximize utilization, and improve efficiency.

Analyze the processes you automate

Process-specific dashboards and KPIs give you the context to build Process Mining apps that are customized to your specific goals.

Track ROI end-to-end

Visualize the complexity, estimated costs, and benefits of automation projects and compare estimated versus actual ROI.

Automation Hub in Insights

Measure document-intensive automation performance

Intelligent Document Processes (IDP) reporting offers insight on the health and status of your document-driven processes.

Document Understanding in Insights

Monitor service channels in real time
  • Stay in tune with the performance of all service channels and extract insights on service needs and requests.
  • Built-in analytics help process owners track trends and measure service quality.
  • Custom real-time alerts enable teams to respond to emerging issues in an agile way, driving continuous improvement.
Achieve better business outcomes
  • Track and measure meaningful organizational metrics, including the time and money saved for each automation, to validate and guide your automation program investments.
  • Use custom metrics to track and report on business-specific KPIs.
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"UiPath Insights has improved our capabilities of reporting on the performance of automation, and its impact on the organization."

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Business Architect, Geisinger​

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