The UiPath 2019 Long Term
Support Release is Here

More ways to power digital transformation
with AI and automation

Long Term Support Release

At a glance

Dozens of updates to the platform, adding AI-driven functionality and new products to help you optimize, implement, and measure automation scenarios

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Fast track your automation journey with new features in each phase

  • AI-powered Explorer to identify automation scenarios

  • Manage automation pipeline with Connect Enterprise Hub

  • Workflow Analyzer for team development

  • Accelerated debugging

  • More developer productivity

  • Long-running workflows

  • High availability add-on for UiPath Orchestrator

  • Queue SLAs, with prediction

  • Security enhancements

  • Enterprise-scale management

  • Process monitoring

  • New attended automation activities

  • Salesforce integration

  • IT automation activities

  • Apps - from robots to humans and back

  • Insights - deep analytics

Watch the platform webinars!

Four sessions give you the choice to explore the entire platform update, or deep dive into the new Insights, Apps, or Explorer updates.


Jumpstart your digital transformation with tools to help identify more automation opportunities.

  • AI-powered Explorer to identify automation scenarios

    UiPath Plan 01 Ai Powered Explorer

    AI-powered Explorer to identify automation scenarios

    Identify the best automation opportunities with Explorer Enterprise*—the data-driven way to discover the best business processes to automate next. Then use Explorer Expert to uncover deep process knowledge from the experts who know those processes best.

    Deep dive into Explorer →

    *coming soon in a limited private preview

  • Connect Enterprise Hub — automation pipeline management

    UiPath Plan 02 Connect Enterprise Hub

    Connect Enterprise Hub — automation pipeline management

    Have you ever implemented an automation and found yourself wondering, what more can I do? Connect Enterprise Hub enables you to identify, manage, and optimize your organization’s entire automation pipeline in one place.  

    Here, those who know the work best—the employees themselves—are free to suggest new automations. Meanwhile, your Center of Excellence and IT teams can work with full transparency and control to bring the best of those ideas to life. 

    See how it works and try it out – free →


Team up to design and test automations faster with new features in UiPath Studio

  • Workflow Analyzer for team development

    UiPath Build 01 Workflow Analyzer

    Workflow Analyzer for team development

    The Workflow Analyzer identifies any inconsistencies in naming or design conventions so that everyone on the development team can meet the code quality and security standards that make automations great.

    Use the out-of-the-box code inspections or design custom ones and leave out any financial and security risks from your new automations. Merge your code, switch branches, or use various source control options right from your status bar, without leaving your context.

    See how you can use this feature →

  • Accelerated debugging

    UiPath Build 02 Accelerated Debugging

    Accelerated debugging

    A robust debug experience is critical to helping you deliver and maintain automations over time with as little cost and effort as possible. 

    Significant improvements to Studio include easy breakpoint management in the breakpoint panel, conditions in the watch panel, and easy access to debugging directly from the Studio design tab.

    See how you can use these features →

  • More developer productivity

    UiPath Build 03 Developer Productivity

    More developer productivity

    More power to each keystroke with the new Command Palette, so you can quickly locate activities and resources across your project. The command palette even retrieves the correct results despite mistyped search terms or with just three characters in the search bar.

    Use the Project Settings to set default values for properties you commonly use in a project, and manage project assets better with the Data Manager. Build customized activities, wizards, and panels with the new Studio API to create a completely personalized experience.

    Learn to implement these features →

  • Long-running workflows

    UiPath Build 04 Long Running Workflows

    Long-running workflows

    Automate and orchestrate a much wider range of business processes. Connect multiple workflows using the native long-running activities in UiPath Studio to create long-running processes.

    Long-running workflows are the processes where robots must wait — ranging from an hour to days in a few cases — for humans to make individual decisions or take specific actions.

    For the best use of time, robots queue up tasks for the expert user to enact further, while the robots automate other processes in the pipeline.

    See how long-running workflows work →



Scale seamlessly with new Orchestrator enhancements

  • High Availability add-on for UiPath Orchestrator

    UiPath Manage 01 High Availability Addon for Orchestrator

    High Availability add-on for UiPath Orchestrator

    The new High Availability add-on is an enterprise-grade solution for Orchestrator to ensure business continuity.

    The High Availability add-on is the only officially supported solution for caching and synchronization between multiple Orchestrator nodes — a must-have for high availability and geo-redundant architectures.

    See what makes this a must-have →

  • Enterprise-scale management

    UiPath Manage 02 Enterprise scale management

    Enterprise-scale management

    Now you can more easily manage a global RPA deployment with Active Directory integration and "modern folders". With the Active Directory integration, you can work directly in Orchestrator with your Enterprise AD users and groups — no need to import them or manage a second directory as they change over time.

    Modern folders support inherited and fine-grained permissions, just like a file system. Add resources like processes, queues, and jobs to modern folders to easily create and scale the governance model of your choice across your enterprise RPA.

    See what makes this a must-have →

  • Queue SLAs, with prediction

    UiPath Manage 03 Queue SLAs with prediction

    Queue SLAs, with prediction

    Organize and automate processes more efficiently by prioritizing automation tasks in Queues. A Queue SLA Alert notifies you if queue items are at risk of not meeting their SLA, and suggests the number of extra robots required to achieve the SLA.

    Queue Triggers automatically start a process when a queue item is added, eliminating the need to schedule processes. Queue Editing adds flexibility for you to change priorities and due dates, or postpone a transaction (i.e., a processed queue item).

    Learn to prioritize tasks with these features →

  • Security enhancements

    UiPath Manage 04 Security Enhancements

    Security enhancements

    UiPath integrates with CyberArk to secure enterprise-wide credentials.
    In this release, we improved our CyberArk support and delivered a pluggable credentials store to broaden your security provider choices.

    Discover how to secure enterprise credentials →

  • Process monitoring

    UiPath Manage 05 Process Monitoring

    Process monitoring

    Gain visibility across business silos by monitoring long-running workflows from start to finish as a single job. Get a consolidated view of robot logs and resource bottlenecks in Orchestrator.

    Optimize process monitoring with UiPath Apps →



Robots collaborate better with you and frequently used business applications to accelerate your daily work

  • Enriched attended automation experience

    UiPath Build 01 Enriched attended automation experience

    Enriched attended automation experience

    Improving your attended automation experience is our constant focus. So, get productive and run multiple attended processes simultaneously on the same machine. Reuse existing processes to speed up development. Use process chaining to trigger a new process to start based on the outcome of a previous one. 

    Let the Robot help you begin your day by automatically starting the various relevant process when you reboot your system. Always stay up to date with automation as the Robot will automatically detect and instantly install the latest version of the processes when available.

    Configure and collaborate better with robots →

  • New attended automation activities

    UiPath Build 02 New attended automation activities

    New attended automation activities

    Define and personalize your interaction with robots using the new Forms activity in Studio. You don’t need special coding skills. Just drag-and-drop to design a form from scratch. You can include images, text, and white labeling, or pick one of the ready-made templates. Use screen pop-ups to guide users contextually through an automated process. Easily design pop-ups with the new  Callout activity.

    Imagine a contact center scenario. At the beginning of the call, the pop-up displays the information entered by the caller via interactive voice response (IVR), and then suggests actions for the agent as the call progresses. A time saver!

    Learn to work better with these activities →

  • IT automation activities

    UiPath Build 03 IT Automation activities

    IT automation activities

    Out-of-the-box IT automation capabilities help IT teams automate the mundane, repetitive, yet important daily work of maintaining IT infrastructure and services. The IT automation activities work with VMWare, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Citrix, Microsoft Azure, and there are more to come.

    See how to include these activities in your workflow →

  • Salesforce® integration

    UiPath Build 04 Salesforce integration

    Salesforce® integration

    Efficiently work with Salesforce® using native, two-way integration with the UiPath Platform. A new Activity Pack allows RPA developers to quickly create automations in UiPath Studio using any Salesforce® objects, files, reports, or queries.

    The UiPath Connector for Salesforce®* allows users to launch UiPath Robots in response to events in Salesforce® solutions via Flow Builder or Process Builder.

    Learn to add this integration to your workflow →

    * will be available on the AppExchange®



Your system of engagement for humans and robots working together

UiPath Engage 01 UiPath Apps

Apps—from robots to humans and back

Automate more work from start to finish by bringing humans into the loop to handle exceptions, validations, escalations, and approvals.

Unattended robots delegate tasks to the right human expert as needed and work on other automations while the expert user addresses the exceptions.

Manage your tasks anytime from virtually anywhere through the Orchestrator Mobile App.   

See how it works →.


Align RPA operations with strategic business outcomes through all-new embedded analytics

UiPath Measure 01 Insights- deep analytics

Insights: deep analytics

Deeply embedded in the platform, UiPath Insights* analytics monitor your robots’ health and performance to uncover custom-defined metrics around accuracy, availability, and capacity. 

Maintain your existing Business Intelligence (BI) integrations and support organization-wide decision-making with Orchestrator shareable dashboards.

See how Insights work →

* coming soon


Improve your product experience as the platform is now localized in Simplified Chinese, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Turkish, and Portuguese (Portugal).

What customers love about the UiPath platform

"It’s really exciting to see a major investment in the product, both the traditional core (Robot, Orchestrator, and Studio) as well as brand new capabilities coming this release. At Heritage Bank, we’re preparing for this upgrade so we can quickly take advantage of many of the features that have been available in preview. We’re planning to roll out AI Fabric to scale and improve accuracy for one of our critical loan processes, HIL will help us build E2E process visibility and drive continuous improvement, we will give more control of processes to our business users by leveraging Folders & Org Units within Orchestrator, and last but not least, Studio is better than ever with the wealth of developer productivity improvements."

David Johnston, Manager, Intelligent Automation & Process Excellence at Heritage Bank

“We like where UIPath is going! This upcoming release with its numerous new capabilities, improvements, and product integrations really shows that UIPath is in tune with our needs and the needs of our clients! Improved development features such as chained processes & improved debugging will help streamline bot creation and maintenance, the ability to manage and call ML algorithms using AI Fabric directly from RPA workflows will allow our clients to optimize their investments in AI and open up new intelligent automation opportunities, and as a Salesforce partner we couldn’t be happier to find out about the Salesforce Activity Pack! Easy to use and talk about a time saver!”

Karl Schwab, Digital Business Transformation Consultant at online Business Systems

“We are excited to see so many features coming in the 2019 release. At the product level we see computer vision, document processing framework, and monitoring as unrivaled game changers, and our RPA developers love the numerous developer-focused improvements and new features, particularly workflow diff, Regex builder, and global settings, which will accelerate collaboration and efficiency when building automations.”

Ahmed Zaidi, Chief Automation Officer, Accelirate Inc.

“Everything in this next generation platform is designed to support our RPA developers and offer a better, faster solution for our organization. Not only does it provide seamless compatibility with new programming languages and offer a new Studio interface, but also boosts integrations and debugging features.”

Juan Felipe Carvajal Restrepo, RPA Lead, Process Innovation at Protección S.A.

Watch the platform webinars!

Four sessions give you the choice to explore the entire platform update, or deep dive into the new Insights, Apps, or Explorer updates.