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UiPath Assistant - Picture in Picture (Amplify Productivity by Working in Parallel with Robots)

See how Picture in Picture allows users to work undisturbed on their desktop, while a robot works in parallel on a desktop copy

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UiPath StudioX: Your First Task Automation

Watch this step-by-step guide to build your first task automation with UiPath StudioX

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UiPath Studio Pro: Test Suite

Get to know our Test Suite! The best UI and API automation, test management, agile project management, Citrix and mobile automation, all in one product.

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UiPath Test Suite: Test Manager Overview

This demo will provide an overview of test management

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UiPath Studio: Your First Process Automation

Watch this step-by-step guide to build your first process automation with UiPath Studio

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UiPath Apps Tutorial - Building your first app

With UiPath Apps, you can quickly build custom business applications that connect to data in any underlying cloud or on premises system using the power of automation

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'A Robot for Every Person™': Evaluate Job Candidates (Human Resources)

Watch the demo to see how the robot helps the HR professional research viable candidates, and prepare for interviews

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Model, and Manage Permissions to Users with UiPath Data Service

In this demo, we show how you can model and manage permissions with the UiPath Data Service

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AI Use Case: Receipt Processing

See how to use AI Center and Document Understanding to label data, add custom fields to receipts, and use the newly labeled data to retrain a pre-built starter model

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UiPath Document Understanding Demo 1: Setting up the framework in Studio

See how to teach your robots “understand” documents using the powerful AI capabilities and pre-trained ML models in the Document Understanding framework

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Transform Service Experience With UiPath RPA and Druid Chatbots

Watch how AI-powered UiPath RPA and no-code Druid Chatbots together can delight your customers across all industries by fulfilling their requests end-to-end

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Automating Invoice Processing with UiPath Action Center

Watch how robots and humans seamlessly collaborate to process an invoice and post it to the SAP application