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AI Use Case: Utility Bills Payment

Watch this use case to see how to deploy Document Understanding model Utility Bills to AI Center, digitize and extract information, then enter it to SAP

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AI Center Use Case: Customer Churn Prediction

Learn how to use UiPath AI Center out-of-the-box machine learning model Tabular Data TPOT Classification to predict customer churns

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UiPath AI Center: Inventory Management

Increasing inventory to meet sales prediction is a cinch when using AI Center.

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UiPath AI Center: Automating Complaint Classification Process

Walk through automating a complaint classification process using UiPath Studio and AI Center

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UiPath AI Use Case: Resume Matching

Use AI Center and UiPath Starter Model English Text Classification model to classify resumes, and automatically generate emails with matching job links.

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UiPath AI Center: Create your robot to answer to predefined questions

See how easy it is tp create a robot that can return responses to predefined questions with AI Center

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AI Use Case: Inventory Management Retraining

In this use case see how the robot can predict the necessary inventory for each product in order to maximize sales and revenue for the next time period

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AI Use Case: Loan Default

See how to use AI Center and TPOT AutoML Classification to predict loan default, and enter predictions into a CRM.

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AI Use Case: Predicting Diabetes using AI Center and Apps

See how to use UiPath AI Center's Tabular Data TPOT Classification to predict diabetes and present predictions.

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How to use RPA for Invoice Extraction and Processing

See Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in action with this end-to-end invoice automated workflow powered by UiPath.

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UiPath Apps Demo

Watch how UiPath Apps enables you to build a visually appealing app on top of your automation using a rich library of drag and drop controls

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UiPath Test Suite: End-to-End Automation

This demo will provide an overview of the end-to-end testing capabilities in UiPath Test Suite.