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UiPath & K2 Webinar:
Enable Transformation with Digital and Robotic Process Automation


Photo of David Marcus

David Marcus

VP Product & Alliance Management, UiPath

Photo of Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

Director of Intelligent Process Automation, K2

Watch this on-demand webinar with leading DPA and RPA vendors, K2 and UiPath, for an insightful discussion on the benefits of both technologies and see real-life scenarios of DPA and RPA working independently and together across a series of solutions to provide digitization and automation.

Walk away with a better understanding of:
- When and where to apply DPA and RPA – why it’s not an either/or decision;
- The practical application and benefits of DPA, RPA and joint solutions;
- How K2 and UiPath, as vendors, give organizations the ability to deliver these solutions.

Whether you’re a K2 customer, a UiPath customer, or just exploring how automation technologies can transform your internal processes, this on-demand webinar is a great place to learn more about DPA and RPA!

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