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Work Ahead Webinar Series:
The UiPath 20.10 Release – Enabling the Fully Automated Enterprise™


Photo of Craig Dewar

Craig Dewar

Director Platform Marketing, UiPath

Photo of Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson

Automation Cloud Senior Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

The UiPath 2020 Long-term Support Release (20.10) enables a fully automated enterprise. Featuring the addition of UiPath Apps, which adds low-code capabilities to the UiPath Platform, organizations can now reduce the strain on IT, automate more processes and deliver rich user experiences for both employees and customers regardless of the complexity of the underlying applications.

Watch the first of the 20.10 Release webinars to hear how this latest release can be the centerpiece of an accelerated digital transformation program, featuring over 100 enhancements to the core automation platform.

  • From process mining to document understanding features, UiPath expands the world's leading platform for automation
  • Enabled with AI, customers can automate more advanced processes and expand the use cases
  • UiPath makes automation available on cloud, providing the flexibility of deployment in public clouds, as well as SaaS with the Automation Cloud™ and its first Robot-as-a-Service capabilities

Hear more about the release all up including the capabilities above and don't miss the upcoming sessions on UiPath Assistant and StudioX delivering “a robot for every person” vision, and a deep dive into the new UiPath Apps offering.

This webinar is part of the Work Ahead webinar series.


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