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Delight customers and realize revenue faster by creating the ultimate customer experience. Empower collaboration, control costs, and maximize cashflow.

Increase operating leverage by digitizing data input and lowering days sales outstanding on order entry and billing processes

Boost efficiency and decrease billing mistakes down to zero.


Streamlined onboarding

Accelerate ​customer onboarding.​ Digitize data record of order entry ​and billing procedures, increasing productivity.​ 


No oversights

Manage orders and automatically generate open invoices. Match cash receipts and credits without error, making them seamless. 


Happy customers

Keep customers informed on payment notes and allocation.​ Reduce billing errors to nothing, improving customer experiences. 


Winning with automation

Let robots collect statements and enter critical data into your accounts receivable system, expediting the entire process.  

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It was never about just achieving time savings. Our primary focus was on quality, so we needed to be able to show that we could reach our KPIs by increasing data input quality through shortening lead times and reducing error margins in the order-to-cash process using RPA.

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Order to cash - sales order creation process streamlined demo

Sales order creation can be a repetitive, time consuming and error prone activity. See how it can be automated and simplified with the UiPath automated order-to-cash process.

The tangible benefits of order to cash

Done right, an order-to-cash transformation can make quite an impact. Studies show that companies can reap the following benefits:


A 1% to 3% increase in sales revenue,

because the O2C platform helps increase the availability of goods, allows dynamic pricing and promotions, enables greater precision in blocking frauds, and boosts the capacity of sales reps.


A 15% to 30% savings in cost,

owing to automated order creation and the resulting drop in back-office effort, digital invoicing and cash application, fewer disputes that need resolution, and fewer penalties for late or incomplete fulfillment of orders.


Up to 30% shorter days sales outstanding,

thanks to appropriate stock levels, lower process lead times, less revenue locked up in collections, and gentle, proactive dunning.

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Automate and consolidate your tasks, systems, and data to make your work—and your business—more valuable than ever. 

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White paper

e-book: Evolving the order-to-cash value stream: what’s next for order management? 

Stay ahead of the curve by implementing KPI-driven automation in your order management strategy. 

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Reshaping the Future of Work in Finance & Accounting


Webinar: Reshaping the future of work in finance and accounting 

Identify and prioritize automation opportunities in finance and accounting. 

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Video Demo

Order-to-cash demo: Eliminate billing errors and reduce days sales outstanding

Watch this short video to see how using UiPath Document Understanding can streamline your order processing. 

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Boost efficiency and streamline order-to-cash with AI-powered automation. We'll show you how.