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Your organization may be rethinking the way it’s going to work. Do you want to embrace new models? Upgrade your customer (and employee) experience? Do you need to retool your procure-to-pay (P2P) process?

You need something with a big impact—and a big return on your investment.

But it’s hard when your staff is distracted trying to complete their day-to-day tasks. Let our robots free them up to do higher-value work.


More efficient processing

Robots can verify information, onboard vendors in the P2P process, and prepare invoices faster. They can also match information with the utmost precision.


Wide-reaching impact

The nature of the P2P process means there is a huge incentive for companies (like yours) to optimize it. Any inefficiencies could result in a significant loss of value in customer and supplier relationships, employee satisfaction, and even productivity and profitability.  


AI and automation

Improve invoice accuracy by using automation combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reengineer workflows. Digitize invoice collection, validation, ​and storage.​ Automate straight-through processing and data integrity of vendor invoices, payments, ​and remittances and gain 100% precision in handling payments.​ ​

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The fact that our onsite engineers could learn the system shortly and get up and running quickly-and at a low cost--was extremely appealing.

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White paper

How automation gets finance workloads back in balance

Download this e-book to learn how finance teams can lighten their workload and how automation can enable them to expand their responsibilities as strategic advisors to the business.

Accelerate deployment 200% faster

Reduce design time with our free, prebuilt templates. Utilize best-in-practice methods for the UiPath Business Automation Platform. 

Evolving the purchase-to-pay value stream: what’s next for procurement?
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White paper

Evolving the purchase-to-pay value stream: What’s next for procurement?

Download this e-book to learn how you can directly influence key business metrics in P2P, using modern discovery techniques, automation, and process improvements.

Purchase to Pay demo video

Automated invoice processing demo

Watch this video to learn how businesses like yours can use UiPath to leverage AI-powered enterprise automation to achieve faster results with invoice processing and enjoy a more positive impact on your business. 

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The future of AI at Work is already here

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