Conversational AI + automation? Now you’re talking.

UiPath Conversational AI

Reimagine your employee experience with the IT digital agent solution. Get service desk requests resolved immediately to drive productivity, cost-savings, and employee satisfaction. Did you know that AI makes robots brilliant conversationalists?

Amelia and UiPath

Enhance interaction between end users & robots—with conversational AI

We’ve natively integrated the leading enterprise Conversational AI platform from Amelia with the UiPath Platform. When people ask Amelia for help with common IT issues like email credentials and Wi-Fi access, Amelia maps their challenge to a solution.

Say goodbye to wait times and ticketing queues

Say goodbye to wait times and ticketing queues

When organizations leverage the Amelia + UiPath joint solution, employees simply speak with Amelia via voice or chat to quickly resolve service desk requests from end-to-end. No hold times or ticketing queues are required.

Reduce service desk costs with connected tools and systems

Reduce service desk costs with connected tools and systems

Easily connect with enterprise systems so that employees can resolve all service desk requests from one central location – including VPN access, password requests, payroll changes, and ordering business cards. This would keep your operating costs low and employee satisfaction high.

Deliver the highest quality of employee services

Deliver the highest quality of employee services

When employees are bogged down by extended IT resolution times and endless service desk queues, businesses also suffer. Provide your employees with the highest quality of internal services to increase employee satisfaction and enable staff to focus on value-driving tasks.

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Best-in-class use cases for conversational AI and business automation

IT support

  • Fix computer/app performance

  • Port activation

  • Check application status

  • VPN access

  • Printer access

  • Peripheral requests

  • Software requests

Human resources (HR)

  • Check leave balance

  • Submit leave request

  • Request pay statements

  • Make payroll changes

  • Get transportation schedules

Account admin

  • Reset my password

  • Account and distribution list requests

  • Request software access

Personal tasks

  • Order business cards

  • Process a document

  • Look up an acronym

  • Check office status

  • Summarize my upcoming meetings

Up to 98%

reduction of average handling time


improvement of eNPS


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UiPath AI Summit—introducing Amelia & UiPath partnership and more on AI

  • Latest trends in AI & NLP, product updates & announcements, integrations with Open AI

  • AI success stories across industries

  • First-ever UiPath AI awards

Use your own chatbot, if you’d like

Our open platform offers direct integration with the leading chatbots—so you can bring yours along on your automation journey. Here are a few examples...

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