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GUI Automation is the essential support tool for screen scraping, automated testing, automated data entry, application integration, and content migration. It can act as the last resort when dealing with legacy apps that offer no other API, and it enables users
to easily automate tedious and repetitive tasks. UiPath provides the most accurate and rich GUI automation software that can handle any application without the slightest disturbance.

How does it work?

GUI Automation is the process of simulating mouse and keyboard actions on windows and controls. Most automation tools are based either on the coordinates of the controls or the text they contain, but this is not always reliable. UiPath understands the internals of all the major GUI frameworks, from Win32 to WPF, HTML, and Java. It can recognize graphical objects by their platform-specific attributes and provides a unified GUI automation API that works the same way everywhere. In very particular scenarios, where object recognition is not available (such as with remote desktop apps or in Citrix environments), UiPath can still do a great job using image and OCR text-based automation.

UiPath automation at a glance

  • Provides object recognition that really works on most GUI frameworks, including Java, Oracle apps, SAP GUI, Siebel, Flash, Silverlight, Win32, MFC, VB, .NET, HTML, PDF, QT, and Delphi.

  • Code generated automatically by the action recorder and scenario wizards.

  • Image-based automation for Citrix and remote desktop apps.

  • Offers both workflow-based automation for the fans of drag & drop and ultimate code control for developers.

  • Available for any programming languageC#, VB.NET, C++, JavaScript, or VBScripton both x86 and x64 platforms.

  • Provides cost-effective distribution through execution runtime.

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